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You are more whole, loved, and supported than you have dared to believe. You were born to radiate and shine in all your glory. You are meant to astound this world with your beauty and brilliance. As a life coach, I help you know your worth, own your story, and write brave, new chapters. You can live the life of your dreams, and I am here to support you every step of the way.
For most of my life, I didn't know I had a voice. When I found my voice, I was scared to use it, and at times I'm still scared to speak up. Here in this space, however, I seek to speak my truth even when my voice shakes. In my writings and videos, I vulnerably talk about things most people are too afraid to bring up in hopes to remind people that we are not alone; in fact, it is my hope for you and me to know that we are more loved, whole, beautiful, and destined for greatness than we have dared to believe. So let's rise and shine, bitches!

I make videos about queerness, wholeness, and living your best life now.

By sharing my story, I hope you find that you're not alone. 


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