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A New Year, A Truer You

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If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know I’ve been geeking out about it being a new year.

And if you watched my latest FB live video, you know that this wasn’t always the case.

I used to roll my eyes at New Year resolutions because who really keeps them, anyway?

That was the cynic in me speaking.

I now LOVE New Year resolutions.

There’s something powerful and refreshing about participating in the collective energy of millions of people committing themselves to their highest and best and being filled with hope and anticipation – THAT’S the kind of energy this world needs more of.


I’m excited about 2019 because 2018 has been my best year yet.

I transformed my inner life and, as a result, transformed my outer world.

I am happier, more fulfilled, and joyfully pursuing the work of my soul.
AND I’m making money in the process!

I’ve learned to embody the fullness of myself,
how to harness the power of who the Universe made me to be,
and built a business around my dreams and desires.

I mean, what could be better than that?

And yet I know I am only getting started.

2018 – which was a kickass year – is just the TIP of the iceberg.

So much more gloriousness is about to be unleashed in this New Year.


How do I know?

Because I’ve decided that’s how this year will go!

This is beauty of being at the level of cause in life:
you get to say how life goes!
(And if/when shit hits the fan, you STILL get to decide how to respond; that is where your power lies).

You don’t have to wait by the sidelines and ‘see how this year will go’ (I can’t tell you how many fb posts people have made about this!).

As though you are doomed to be the passive viewer of you life.

That simply isn’t true.

You are the creator of it.
You are the author of it.
You have agency.
You have autonomy.
You really do have a say in how your life unfolds.

So this year, DECIDE that you will create the life of your dreams.
Decide this is the year the truer you will emerge.

It’s not necessarily about becoming a New You.
It’s about becoming a Truer You.

It’s about peeling back the layers so that the Real You can emerge.
It’s about setting aside labels and titles and ideas about yourself that no longer serve you.
It’s about releasing old ways of thinking and being in order to embrace new ways of thinking and being.

It’s about taking yourself serious enough as the MAGICAL and POWERFUL co-creator you are.
It’s about rising up in all your glory and letting the world see you shine.
It’s about taking up space, stating what you want, and, therefore, getting what you want.

This is a new year, yes.
But it’s also YOUR YEAR.

What will you make of it?
What will you demand of it?
What will you create? unleash? release? launch? start?

Do NOT just let life happen to you.
Decide this is the year YOU happen to life.


2019 does not have to be just another year on the calendar.
This can be your greatest year yet.
This can be the year your dreams come true.

But for that to happen, you have to take your dreams serious enough to embody them and allow them to unfold.

Will you do that?

Will you believe in yourself enough to give the world all you are? and to give yourself the world?

Will you commit yourself to pursuing the dreams of your heart and not stop until they’re yours?

If you do, I am right there with you.

I have some big dreams for 2019, and I have already hit the ground running.

Will you join me?

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