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A pick-me-up meal :)


photo 2The past several weeks have been rough, so why not try to do a little pick-me-up with a bright and springy dish?

Not sure it will actually do much for my heart but it sure smells and looks good. 🙂

photo 1
I’ve had the ingredients for this dish (Springtime Strawberry Lime Mango Crisp) for well over a week now but have been postponing making it because (a) it’s a new recipe and (b) I get easily intimidated by new recipes (even though most of my cooking is based on new recipes – go figure!:)

As I was wrapping this up to put it in the oven, John came home and laughed and said, “With how big our house is, it’s funny to walk in and see you all crammed in the same corner together.”

It was true. Mercy was sitting and/or standing on the very counter I was trying to prep on, and Eden was between my legs, grabbing at my shirt and fussing almost the entire time.
Not stressful at all.


Here’s Mercy being my ‘helper’ – ie: stacking my spices as high as she can 🙂

So it was a relief to finally place the dish into the oven and get out of the crammed corner…
only to be followed by the girls again.

Ahh parenthood. 🙂

The dish came out great, and I found myself eating it for dinner that night, breakfast the next morning, and for dessert at the end of the next day. My kind of food. 🙂

photo 4Perks of this dish: it’s bursting with sweet flavor, so it’s great for breakfast or dessert, AND it’s vegan and gluten-free, which makes it an ideal dish for company.

For the recipe, check out my favorite food blog here:

Days like these I’m so glad we compost. I think we throw out more food scraps than anything else!

photo 3

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