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A Request for Help

imageHey guys. We are in need of some help.
As many of you know, John started a carpet cleaning business a year ago this month, and we are in the midst of what most new businesses go through: a time of drought.

Winter is the slowest season for carpet cleaning (c’mon, early spring!), which means we’re pulling in a lot less money than usual. Yesterday, Dream Steam (the company’s name) had $93 in its account. We thankfully got a deposit today, and we’re at $258. This is the account that pays John’s salary.

Things have gotten so tight that I’ve picked up a bar tending job 3 nights a week to help supplement our income. The extra money’s been helpful, but it’s not nearly enough to pay our bills.

So we’re putting out a request for any carpet cleaning jobs you might be able to hook Dream Steam up with. Do you have a room or area rug that needs cleaning? Do you own an apartment/office building or know someone who does? If so, would you consider calling Dream Steam to get an estimate? No job is too big or too small – it all adds up! Dream Steam cleans carpet, tile, grout, linoleum, cars, boats, RVs, and more!

I know the owner 😉 and he does an amazing job with carpets. And I’m not saying that just because I’m married to him! He truly does an incredible job. And if you know John, you know what a personable yet professional person he is. I am so, SO proud of all the hard work he’s put into Dream Steam and watching him grow into a business owner/entrepreneur.

It’s not easy reaching out and asking for help and admitting how tight things are, but it’s not easy living with unpaid bills either. So we thought we’d put this out there and see what happens.

And if we happen to see you in person, know that we’re not going to corner you and ask you for a cleaning job. We’re not going to peer-pressure anyone! 🙂 We’re just simply and humbly letting our need be known and hoping it’ll get us enough cleaning jobs to get us to spring. 

Thanks for loving us and supporting us on our journey as small business owners. We seriously could not do this without you! <3

(If interested in contacting Dream Steam for an estimate, just click here!)

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