There was a time where I would break out in a sweat, my face would go flush, and I'd feel anxiety ripple throughout my body.

I was terrified of being misunderstood.

I constantly lived in fear of what people might think of me.

I spent countless hours in the shower having imaginary debates with people that I never had the courage to confront in real life.

And it was exhausting.

It got to the point where I couldn't sleep at night and had to get professional and medicinal help to help me cope with my anxiousness.

I lived at the effects of everyone else's opinions, decisions, and conversations, and eventually I got tired of it.

I got tired of constantly wondering what people thought of me.
I got tired of keeping my opinions to myself while others ranted theirs.
I got tired of letting everyone else call the shots.

I got tired of treating the symptoms.

I wanted to get to the root cause.

I wanted to feel confident in who I was so that no matter where I went, I knew how to stand my ground, take up space, speak my piece, and feel good no matter the outcome.

I wanted to feel sure of myself, like who I am, and love how I interacted with others.

I wanted to be proud of myself, for standing in my power, speaking my truth and being the leader of my own life.

I was tired of holding it all in.
I was ready to let it all out:

My truth, my heart, my passion, and god forbid, my opinions.

It sounded like a pipe dream, but I was so tired from how I was living that I was willing to chase a pipe dream if it meant it might come true.

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I started practicing.

Showing up.
Speaking up.
Vocalizing my thoughts.
Sharing my opinions.
Taking up space.

I was awkward at first.

I was a sweaty mess.

But over time, I got a little less awkward, a little more confident, and I could sense the change.

People started treating me differently because of how *I* was treating myself.

My outsides were starting to match my insides, and it felt amazing.

I felt... free.

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Free to be me.

ALL of me.

Whether I was in public or private, with lots of people or one other person, I could finally be the fullness of who I was.




Without worrying about what others thought of me <-- the greatest miracle of all.

What started as a small possibility became my full blown reality.

This is available for you too.

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Hi, I'm Nikole Mitchell.

I used to be the poster child for people-pleasing and could not for the life of me speak up for myself, much less go on to build a massively successful and highly controversial career as an adult content creator. I decided that if I was going to make it, I had to learn how to create absolute confidence from the inside out. I took myself through a process of addressing the 3 core principles that's allowed me to have absolute confidence in who I am and what I came here to do, and it is my joy and honor to help you do the same!

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I want you to love who you are.

I want you to be proud of you are.

And I want you to have ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE in living your truth, speaking your mind, and being the fullest expression of who you are!

I want you to unleash that part of you that you're afraid is too much, or isn't enough, or that the world isn't ready for... because the world IS ready for it.

Your unleashing prepares the world for it.

That part of you that you're hesitant to let shine is the very part of you that's going to magnetically attract all that is meant for you.

Let's talk about how to turn up your magnetism, tune out the noise, how to handle the "haters", and how to reach the masses.

You've got something amazing to offer.
Let's match that amazingness with the absolute confidence you deserve.

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Inside Absolute Confidence, you will learn how to step into your power, unleash new levels of confidence within you, and magnetically draw in everything you want!

Module 1: Curiosity

Before you can become confident, you have to be curious. Curiosity is the cracked door that opens you up to new possibilities, opportunities, and the confidence you crave!

Module 2: Courage

Being curious is the first step to becoming absolutely confident. Courage is what you allows you to take action on those curiosities. Courage becomes the muscle repetition your heart and body needs in order to live with absolute confidence.

Module 3: Confidence

Confidence in who you are and what you came here to do. Confidence to speak up and speak out. Confidence in your softness and in your boundaries. Confidence in where you are and where you're going. Confidence gets to infuse every part of your life, making it easier, smoother, and better in every way.

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I went from being terrified of what people thought of me to becoming one of Only Fan's top content creators.

I went from never speaking my truth to having built a following of hundreds of thousands of people by living and sharing my truth.

I went from breaking out in a sweat if someone expected me to chime in to speaking on stages to thousands of people with ease.

I became the very thing I never thought possible: absolutely confident.

In who I am, in what I do, in how I live.

It's made my life easier, my relationships deeper, my heart freer, my businesses more successful, and my sleep even better (it wasn't til about a year into this that I realized I was no longer taking my anxiety herbs to sleep at night!).

It's made me more confident in my work.

I'm a better coach and mentor because of this work.

I'm a better content creator because of this process.

I'm a better friend, lover, and leader because of this transformation.

Having confidence became the catalyst to having my wildest dreams come true.

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Because when you live in fear of people's opinions, perceptions, and rejections, you can't operate at your full potential.

You will always hold a part of you back, and that part is ALWAYS the most magical part of you.

That's the ultimate tragedy.

The part of you that DESERVES to be seen, that sets you apart from everyone else, that contains the magic that lives within you, is the very part you tend to hold back.

You want to attract your dream clients, your dream partner, your dream opportunities, but they can't find you because you're dimming the most magical part of you!

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It's time to own it. Own you. Own ALL of you. And let the world bask in your glory!

We'll talk about the haters, how to respond to those who don't get it, and how to magnetically attract those who can't get enough of you.

We'll cover it all.

This masterclass will be held inside a private Facebook group, and will be taught via FB livestream.

Here is the schedule for our livestreams:

- Wednesday, Feb 15, 1pm PST

- Thursday, Feb 16, 2:30pm PST

- Friday, Feb 17, 12pm PST

Each livestream will contain a Q&A at the end so you can ask me your questions and get them answered in real time!

When you sign up, you'll be sent an email with the link to our Facebook group and the schedule for our calls.

You have lifetime access to this Masterclass.

(If you sign up after this program was taught live, you get instant access to all the recorded calls, which includes a bonus call!)

How much does this Masterclass cost?

Nothing! It's being taught for FREE this round. I will sell it in the future, so if you're interested in taking it, now's a good time!

What if I can't attend all the live calls?

That's okay! Each call will be recorded and available for replay afterwards. You have lifetime access to this Masterclass.

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Ready to have absolute confidence?

Then sign up here!