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Autobiography – Complete!

Homework by Ektor (Flickr)

Homework by Ektor (Flickr)

We finally did it you guys! We finished all 159 questions on our Parent Autobiography with it ending up as a 43-paged paper! I just now emailed it to our awesome social worker, and it feels SO good to be done with that. Can’t wait yet kind of nervous to see what our social worker thinks about it. I mean, that’s a lot of personal stuff you’re sharing with someone you’re just getting to know!

John and I enjoyed reading each other’s answers and learning small new things about each other or just having great conversations kick-started as a result of the questions.  Even simple questions like, “Where did you grow up” made us chuckle at the differences in our answers. As the picture shows below, John’s answer to that question took up 2 lines. Mine took up several lines. It was neat answering this question because it was the first time that I’ve ever written down where I grew up. So now I’ll always remember where I’ve lived!

Where We Grew Up

Where We Grew Up

The autobiography went on then to ask super simple questions like:
– How were feelings handled in your family (affections, sex ed, anger, sadness, inadequacies, conflict)?
– Describe your transition into adulthood.
– Describe your most significant life experiences (trauma, losses, successes).
– What do you believe children need in order to become healthy and happy adults? Describe specific ways you plan to give your children this.

You know, easy peasy questions. 😉
Thus why it took us 6 weeks to complete!

Each step brings us closer to baby and that couldn’t make me happier. SO grateful to be done with the autobiography and to continue on with other paperwork! We’ll keep you all updated! 🙂

Lots of love,
The Mitchells

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