Instagram model

When I was a little girl, I would look at the cover girls on magazines in the checkout lane and wish for the day that would be me.

Little did I know then how very few make the cut. With all the requirements and hoops to jump through, someone of my size, age, and stature would never have made it as a cover model for those magazines.

Fast forward to today, and I am no longer limited to the handful of magazines who cast women for their covers.

I became my own cover girl!

Through the gift of social media, I’ve become an Instagram model, garnering hundreds of thousands of followers, all while wearing my favorite sexy outfits and posing in ways I used to practice in secret!

And now I get to share it with the world!

If you could see little Nikole inside of me, you’d see her jumping up and down with joy, so proud, so excited that she became everything she wanted to be!

Sexy, alluring, powerful, cover-girl material.

Not because an outside entity called me worthy and cast me for their cover but because *I* know I’m worthy and *I* cast me as the cover girl of my own story, my own life, my own “magazine”!

My life is the magazine and I am the cover girl for it!

And I am soo happy with the results!


So I am thrilled to announce my brand new course Become an Instagram Model!

Where I will share with you everything you need to know become an Instagram model!

Gone are the days where you have to rely on someone else to choose you and cast you as a model.

YOU get to choose you and cast yourself as the sexy model that you are!

You’ll learn the practical elements of it: how to get started, hair and makeup tutorials, the art of posing, which apps to use, how to edit your photos/videos, how to find and work with dream photographers, networking with other models, supplies you’ll need…

As well as the energetic side of it: why YOU, the benefits of being an IG model, what it means to be one, decision vs validation, emotional mastery, bodily autonomy, loyalty in the midst of your evolution, the power of self-expression, the freedom of your expansion, the gift of being a s*x symbol...

And the emotional side of it: feeling confident, loving your body (especially the parts you want to hide!), honoring your boundaries, overcoming family and friends' objections, dealing with trolls, addressing limiting beliefs, and unleashing the sensual energy within you!

I am SO excited to dive into this with you!

PLUS, when you purchase this course, you get your money back in the form of a credit to put towards Sexy and Free - my signature course on embodiment, empowerment, and self-expression - or towards my brand new program Becoming Famous which launches in the near future!

If you’re ready to unleash the model within you, I’d love to have you!

3 modules.
Recorded live.
Private fb group.
$222 credit towards Sexy and Free or Becoming Famous.

We start the second week of January!

Want in?

Here you go!

Want to take this experience to a new level?

You can upgrade to VIP which comes with an hour long 1:1 call with me in addition to this course!😍

Not only will you get all 3 modules of powerful content, you'll also get life-changing coaching support personalized to YOU to help you become the sexy, desirable, and confident model you came here to be!

You can use your 1:1 call anytime from now until February 17th.

Grab this offer at the link below, and then we'll set up a day and time for your call!

I can't wait to support you in this way!