I was in elementary school when I knew I was meant to be famous.

I dreamt about the day I would be on the cover of magazines and in TV commercials.

I remember grabbing my favorite bowl of cereal and standing in front of the hallway mirror to practice my best TV commercial, knowing someday I'd be on TV.

It didn't take long, however, for that dream in me to be squashed.

I don't remember what exactly was said to me but very quickly I realized the desire to be famous was silly at best and shameful at worst. To aspire to be famous was frowned upon and I quickly stuffed the dream down inside of me.

The older I got, the more pragmatic my dreams became.

Instead of wanting to be a model and actor, I was taught to want something more reasonable and realistic.

A teacher, a pastor's wife, a stay at home were the highest aspirations for someone of my gender... so I did what any good girl would do: I tried to want what others wanted for me.

Fast forward a few decades and I had fulfilled the life I had been taught to want:

I was married, a mother of three, and a stay at home mom.

What more could I want?

And therein lied the juxtaposition I found myself in: in the midst of having everything I had been taught to want, I wanted so.much.more.

I felt the guilt begin to creep in... and the same feeling of "being silly" for wanting what I wanted:

I wanted to be famous.
I wanted to be sexy.
I wanted to be a model.

I was tired of living by everyone else's rules.

I was tired of playing smaller than I really was.

I was tired of settling for crumbs when I knew the whole damn buffet was meant to be mine.

I knew it was time.

It was time to be me, to step into the spotlight, and fulfill the deepest desires of my heart.

It was time to be famous, sexy, and successful and to finally freakin own it.


I committed myself to the work.

I took modeling courses, hired coaches, learned how to get press, and put action to my desires.

I studied other models, worked on my limiting beliefs, put myself out there, and kept showing up long before anyone knew my name.

Becoming famous wasn't just going to happen.

<<< It had to be created. >>>

And I was committed to creating what I was meant to be.


A lot has changed since then.

I've been published in over 25 countries.

I've gone viral more times than I can count.

I went from 900 Instagram followers to over 250,000.

I went from food stamps to crossing 7 figures this year.

I went from holding myself back to letting myself fly free.

I went from being terrified to posting a sexy photo to now being a mentor to those in the adult and modeling industries.

I went from being relatively unknown to having the kind of fame I've always wanted.

Fame for being me, doing me, loving me.

It was born from my soul, aligned with my truth, and the result of all the faith + action I've taken over the years.


When I returned to my childhood desires for fame, I was in my mid-thirties and I had this fear that maybe I'm too late, too old, too MILFy ha!, to be the sexy and famous person I desired to be!

Could I still be desired? Is it too late? Do I have what it takes? Can I really go on to create a life of fame, love, and success after a painful divorce and in the midst of a pandemic? Can I truly have it all?

As of this writing, I've just been flown to Spain for a romantic getaway, driven to LA for a taping with Dr. Phil, booked for a speaking engagement in Florida, flying to Texas to create content with two huge influencers, and just wrapped up a massively successful group photoshoot with models from around the world - at my own house!

This shouldn't be possible... and yet all of this fell together so beautifully, so easily because it's who and how I am.

This wasn't an accident.

This is the result of building a life that honors my deepest truth: I am to be known, loved, and successful on a global scale!

I show up as her. Operate as her. Make decisions as her. And as a result, I've become her.

I've become the famous version of myself I've always wanted to be!


I believe you were born to be famous.

You were meant to be known. You were meant to be celebrated upon arrival, greeted with joy, treated like royalty, and respected as the star that you are.

Becoming Famous is about to returning to what you know to be true: fame isn't just for others; it's for you!

This isn't about waiting for others to get it.

This is about YOU getting it.

That you get to have the fame you want and have it your way, on your terms, as you are, where you are.

It's about rising up and allowing yourself to finally and fully be seen, loved, and successful for the sexy and smart motherf*cker that you are.

It's about mastering your craft, your assets, your story, your truth so that you can reach the masses, make a difference, open doors, land opportunities, and live a famous life!

It's time for you to come home to your greatness and be the star that you came here to be.


Over the past two years I have taught programs that focused on specific things, such as how to grow your Instagram following, how to become a viral sensation, how to become an authentic and lucrative online model, and more.

But as we get ready to start 2023, I felt led to create something bigger, more comprehensive, and more powerful so you can get everything you need and want in one container.

This is where Becoming Famous was born.


Inside Becoming Famous, you will get the following courses:

  • Grow Your Instagram Following (5 modules) - $333 value

    • Instagram has become the modern day business card. When people want to learn more about you and see if they want to work with you, they look at your Instragram. In fact, Good Morning America says your IG is the first thing they look at when considering whether or not to have you on their show! A large Instagram following gives you credibility, lands you wild opportunities, and fulfills the desire you have your heart: that you're meant to be known on a global scale! This program shares all the energetic and practical tools I used to grow my account from 900 followers to ver 250,000 followers - completely organically! These tools can be used on any platform!
  • Become a Viral Sensation (3 modules) - $333 value

    • Going viral has never been easier, and it's the fastest way to grow your following, become globally known, and have people knocking down your door for your product, services, and/or story! Inside this program, I'll share with you the exact steps I took to go viral, how to land the press of your dreams, how to build relationships with journalists, and how to feel safe in having your story shared across the globe. If you want to know how to get in the media, this is the course to take!
  • Monetize Your Sh*t (3 modules) - $333 value
    • It's one thing to be famous, it's another to know how to monetize it! Inside this program you will learn how to monetize your gifts, get comfortable charging money, and attracting opportunities and people that are HAPPY to pay you. I don't want you just famous - I also want you rich! This program will teach you how.

Plus these brand new courses!

  • Become an Instagram Model (4 modules) - $333 value

    • No longer do you have to wait for a modeling agency to choose you as their model when you can become an Instagram model! Whether you're an influencer, fitness instructor, content creator, or simply have a desire to share sexy photos of yourself with others, this program gives you the energetic and practical tools to become the Instagram model you've always wanted to be! You'll learn how to pose, have hair and makeup tutorials, which apps to use for filming, editing, and creating content, how to find photographers, how to get paid, how to organize your photos, and so much more. Everything you need to become an IG model is found in this program!
  • Becoming Verified on Instagram (1 module) - $111 value

    • Becoming verified no longer has to be a mystery! I'll share with you what is required, what I did to become verified, and how you can expedite the process!


  • Q&A Sessions (as needed) - $555 value

    • Q&A's are my favorite and a chance for me to tailor the content to your context and situation. It's your chance to ask questions, get support, and walk away with clarity, confidence, and courage to do what your heart is calling you to do. Depending on the amount of questions, we might have a weekly or bi monthly Q&A session. In other words, I'll make sure we have plenty of time to answer all of your questions!


How it works:

The best news: All of this will be taught LIVE!!!!

I know how easy it is to not get around to watching prerecorded modules, even with the best intentions! So to help support you in your goal, I will be teaching all of these modules LIVE so I can dive deep into your story with you and give you the support, tools, and resources to create the fame you've always wanted.

This comprehensive program will take place in January, February, March to give you the running start you desire and deserve in the new year.

We will have 2 calls a week