Money Magnet-2

Do you

  • feel dread when you open your bank account?
  • avoid your numbers to keep your anxiety at bay?
  • feel trapped in a cycle of spending more than you make?
  • toss and turn at night wondering how you're going to pay your bills?
  • hate how money never seems to stick around?
  • contemplate giving up your goal of becoming wealthy because it never seems to work out for you?
  • know you're capable of so much more and you're ready for a different experience with money?


Or at least that used to be my story.

At one point in my life, I felt like money was a sick joke - it never came when I needed it to, it disappeared as soon as it finally appeared in my life, and it would never actually stack, no matter how many coupons I used!

I finally said, "That's it! I have to figure this sh*t out once and for all and finally have the kind of money I know I'm capable of."

In short, I wanted to become a rich b*tch. A woman who had more than enough. Extra. Overflow. The kind of money that matched my inner greatness.

*I wanted a whole new financial reality.*

And I did just that.

I went from food stamps to crossing my first million in 2022!

Become a Money Magnet is where I share the inside scoop on how I did just that so that YOU can create the money and financial flourishing of your dreams!

This course will help you

  • attract money with ease
  • turn money from your frenemy into your BFF
  • put your mind at ease and let you catch those z's again
  • feel excited to open your bank account knowing your money is stacking
  • make more money than you can spend
  • become the rich motherf*cker you came here to be

This is where the magic begins.

Hi. I'm Nikole.

I know what's it like to NOT be a money magnet.

I was on food stamps from 2011-2019, and no matter how hard I worked, there was never enough money.

I had to turn down opportunities for my kids simply because I didn't have the money.

I tossed and turned at night, sick with worry over how we were going to pay our bills at the end of the month.

I lived with a constant gnawing of "There's got to be more to life than this!"

(And my gut was right - there WAS more to life! But I'm getting ahead of myself)

Traditional budgeting wasn't working for me. Different money programs weren't working for me. Even working with a Dave Ramsey approved financial planner wasn't working for me!

And I realized this wasn't about the external... it was all about the internal. It wasn't about the strategy as much as it was about my energy. It wasn't about coming from a lower-income family but about the story I told myself about who I am and what I am capable of.

That's when everything began to change for me.

I immersed myself in the study of money, studied the lives of the wealthy, learned how to become an energetic match for money, and started to make the kind of money I had always dreamed of making.

I went from making $99 a month to $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month, hitting a MILLION dollars!!

Me! A single mom of 3!

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

I am here to share with you ALL that I've learned over the years in order to equip YOU with everything you need to take your finances to the next level with a lot less struggle and a whole lot more ease, joy, and profitability.

Take note: you were always meant to be rich. This is your invitation to come home to who you were always meant to be.


Here are what clients have to say about me and my work:

"I've had 5-figure months 5 months in a row!! Thank you for blazing a pathway for me to follow!"

"I went through my mail today after watching your video about being open to receiving money, and there was a check from my car loan company for $665.78. You. Are. Incredible."

"Just from Module 1 I can see all the ways this applies to my life, business, and beyond!"


You'll never approach money the same again.

We will address the energy and frequency of money AND the practical side of money, while addressing your core beliefs, fears, and mindset as we create your financial freedom from the inside out.

This is NOT a budget program (most people do budgets backwards; we'll talk about that).

This is NOT a guilt / blame/ shame kind of program -- in fact, any guilt or shame you feel will be HEALED in our time together.

This is NOT a get-rich-at-cost-to-others kind of program. Nothing I teach requires the suffering, exclusion, or exploitation of anyone. Ever.

This IS a program that is geared for the healing and upleveling of ALL areas in your life.

This IS an opportunity to FOREVER CHANGE your relationship with money - for the better.

This IS an invitation to say YES to more - more joy, more peace, more purpose, and more money.

This is everything I wish had had when I was on my money journey.


"Holy sh*t you are MAGICAL. Big a$$ tip. Thank you for being that and doing that, Nikole!"

"Mind is blown."

"Today's call was FIIIIII-RRRE!!!🔥 It was exactly what I needed and when I needed it!"


More testimonials!

"Nikole's content and energy is like a shot in the arm that everyone needs. It's propelled me in ways I couldn't have imagined."

"Removing obstacles and stumbling blocks is Nikole's super power."

"In the middle of listening to Module 4, I got a text saying another settlement on our debts came through! I swear anytime I listen to your videos something good happens. I need more of you in my life!"

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So what's in the course?

I'm glad you asked!

This is a 7 module course that is pre-recorded and dives deep into money mindset, our poverty/wealth programming, and creating a new narrative, experience, and relationship with money all to help make you the rich badass b*tch you came here to be! ($2,000 value)

In addition to these 7 modules, you ALSO get these modules:

  • ACTIVATING ABUNDANCE (how to leave behind a mindset of scarcity for a mindset of abundance - and all the good that happens as a result! This is a game-changer!) - $333 value
  • MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! (this is where we dive into all things energy and frequency!) - $333 value
  • STOP CONVINCING AND START CALLING IN (this is all about identifying as a rich person and being able to call in people / clients /customers who have lots of money and love spending it on people/things they love) - $333 value
  • THE 6 STEP PROCESS FOR MANIFESTING ALL THE THINGS (The exactly 6 steps I use to manifest everything I want in my life, including more and more money!) - $333 value
  • THE PRACTICAL SIDE OF MONEY (this is the "how" of money and very, very important) - $333 value
  • HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR SHIT (learn how to make money BEING YOU and doing what you love!) - $333 value
  • TAKING WEALTH TO THE NEXT LEVEL (Everything I've learned to take my income from $10k months to $100k months!) - $333 value

Recorded Q & A: Listen to me answer questions from previous course students and guide them in their particular context. So many golden nuggets are in here! ($1,000 value)

PLUS: you will get journal prompts, affirmations, my absolute favorite resources for forming a wealth consciousness (plus the names of 2 books that have CHANGED my life), and my kickass playlist that keeps me in the flow.

SEVEN BONUS VIDEOS: you will also get instant access to 7 ADDITIONAL bonus videos that's are all about wealth and having more money than you know what to do with. This is one of my most popular series of videos, and this is the only way to access them! ($1,500 value)

ALL of this together is valued at $6,831, but you get it for a fraction of the price. You can get all of this for 95% off!!

It is SO important to me that this gets into hands and lives as many people who desire it.


Testimony Time!

"'Money loves me so much it throws itself at me' has been one of my morning mantras for a few weeks now. Last year I was hit with owing over $10k in taxes at the end of the year. This year? I'm getting 22 fucking thousand dollars in a return! I mean, seriously?! This shit is legit."

"My soul is raging with inspiration!"

"In a world where it's so easy to be weighed down, Nikole is a breath of fresh air for everyone."

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I've had many jobs over the years but the one constant in my life was BEING BROKE.

So it's no surprise when I found myself on food stamps from 2011-2019. No matter how hard I worked or how many jobs I picked up, money never seemed to stick around.

I finally reached a breaking point.

I was sick of being broke and was ready to become RICH.

So I set out on a journey to do just that.

The result? I quadrupled my income every year since starting my business in 2018, to where I crossed a million dollars in my business in early 2022!

Through this process I've learned that:

💰Money is meant to be a constant in your life.

💰Wealth is your birthright.

💰Money is meant to come to you in ever-increasing amounts.

💰More money than you know what to do with is how it was always meant to be.

💰Money wants you as much as you want it.

💰And making money can become your super power!

Your job is to clear the path so that money can land in your life.

And that's what BMM will help you do.


It's time for you to be the rich motherf*cker you came here to be.

Going from food stamps to a million dollars wasn't an accident.

It's the result of doing the internal work, holding the faith, doing the work, taking inspired action, and not stopping until I made it. The same thing is available to you too!

I want you to have more money than you know what to do with.

I want money to deeply, powerfully, and ever abundantly support you in all that you do.

I don't want money to ever have to be a reason you have to say no.

That is why this course exists.

To make the kind of money that sets you free in every way.

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These modules document my journey from when I was making $60,000/yr, then $230,000/yr to now over a million dollars!

I'm excited for you to DIVE into this!

I'm so excited for your to receive this TRANSMISSION.

I'm eager to for your burning desires and questions to be ANSWERED.

I'm cheering you on, believing in you as you launch to NEW LEVELS.

This is just the beginning to a life of abundance!


When you sign up, you'll receive an email with the link to our private FB group where you can access the latest recordings.

You'll also get immediate access to ALL pre-recorded modules, plus 7 bonus videos inside your Kajabi portal. That's a total of 14 videos!

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to this course, which allows you to watch these modules over and over again to raise your frequency, clear new ceilings, and reach new levels of income.

PLUS, you have access to all modules I add to this course in the future.

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  •  Is there a payment plan?
    • Not this time. Just a single payment.
  • What if I can't start right away?
    • That's okay! You will have access to the recordings so you can watch them whenever you get the chance (and watch them as many times as you want!). I truly believe the energy and power of each module is beautifully captured and readily available whenever you watch them.
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    • I have learned that my heart always knows the answer, even if my mind is having a harder time wrapping around it. So I get still, place my hands on my heart, and say, "I'm listening." And if there's anything I have learned over the years, it's this: Your heart is always right. The time is always now (quote by Amanda Frances). You can trust your heart, you can trust your desires, and you can trust your decisions. Always.
  • Will you be offering this again in the future?
    • Yes! The price will be higher the next time around so if you're tempted to take the course, I'd encourage you to take it now!



Here's to a life of more money than you can imagine!
Here's to a life of abundance in every form!
Here's to a life where you create and receive ALL that you desire.
Here's to YOU being the rich mother*cker you came here be!

Welcome to the one-and-only Become a Money Magnet course.

7 life-changing modules.
1 Q&A video.
14 bonus modules.
Lifetime access.

More money than you know what to do with.

This is the course you've been waiting for!

I'm so excited to have you!😍


Want more testimonials? Here you go!

"Nikole's passion, insight, and holy words leave flowers wherever she goes and anyone who is lucky enough to be in her orbit is impacted by that whether they know it or not."

"I can't wait to read your first book! I literally take notes every time we talk. Your wisdom is invaluable."

"Nikole is a god-send if there ever was one. I cannot thank her enough."

"Loved, loved, loved your last video!"