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Coming out of the shadows


You were always meant to live in the light.

To feel the sun’s warmth on your skin, to absorb the joy that seems innate with the sun, and to be happy and free.

The shadows was never meant to be your permanent homeland.

We all journey through shadows.

Some of us spend more time in the shadows than others.

But what I want to remind you is that you were never meant to live in the shadows.

You always were meant to shine. 

So, on this Monday, let’s turn it from mundane Monday to a glorious one, shall we?

While there is some things we cannot control, we can control our response to life.

We can shut down, move to the shadows, and call that home.

Or we can feel all the feelings that come with life, process them, let them work their way through us, and then bid them farewell.

Let grief, sorrow, anger, frustration move through us so we can make room for joy. 


In Glennon Doyle’s coming out post, she shared some wise words from a friend that have stuck with me since.

Glennon was sharing with this friend of hers that she loved Abby, felt so much joy when she was with her, but felt she couldn’t be with Abby. With grief and resignation, Glennon shared that she would survive because she’s been through a lot of pain and suffering… and so what’s more pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering had become Glennon’s new normal, her narrative you could say.

That’s when her friend said, “Glennon, I believe God can teach us through pain, but I think God prefers to teach us through joy.” 

Whoa, right?!
As someone who is recovering from a suffering narrative in life, those words spoke right to my soul.

The possibility that God might prefer to teach us through joy articulated something I knew deep within me but had never heard explicitly spoken.

Those words were life and light to the shadows in my own life.

So when did Glennon do?

She ended up choosing joy.
She chose Abby.
She chose love.

It’s one of the most redemptive, romantic, radical love stories I have ever heard where every. single. person. won in that scenario. 

Glennon won.
Abby won.
Glennon’s ex-husband won.
The children won.

If you want a blended family love story, please read Glennon’s.
We need more stories like hers.


And we need more stories like yours.

You have a beautiful story to share with the world.
You have a voice that only you have.
You have gifts, passions, dreams that are meant for you to live out and for the world to experience!

So if you’ve found that you’ve set up camp in the shadowlands longer than you were supposed to (and only you can know this), will you take this as your invitation to step back out into the light?

Will you let the sun bask you in its warmth?
Will you let the warm breeze blow through your hair?
Will you let the loving Universe hold you as you do so?
Will you let love fill you, surround you, and strengthen you?

You’ve been hurt. Betrayed. Shattered.

And it is all so very real.

But will you let us wrap our arms around you and help you back into the light?
Will you let us remind you what it’s like to smile again?
To laugh again?
To take deep breaths again?

We see your pain and we see your beauty.

The world is big enough to hold all of it – your loss and your love.

And I want to see you shine.
I want to see you laugh again.
I want to see you looking forward to the future.
I want to see you making the most of life.

Because I will do the same.


You are not alone in this.
You are unbelievably loved.
You are safe.
And you are supported.

By the Universe, first and foremost.
By those closest to you.
And by me.

There is so much love in this world it’s breathtaking.

There is love and light and laughter awaiting you.

It’s all yours.
Will you receive it?

There is nothing you’re not worthy of.
It is all for you, and you can have it all.

You are glorious.
That is who you are, and we’re ready for you!

[Featured Photo: Kent Pilcher]

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