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It's Happening, Folks…

Well, we are officially at 40 weeks over here! Which means baby will be arriving any day now, whether I’m ready or not. It’s still surreal to think that I’ll be holding a newborn in my arms anytime now! Am I really ready for this?? Can I do the whole sleep deprivation thing all over again? Will nursing be painful? Will I completely lose my sanity with THREE kids now? are just some of the many questions running through my head late at night.

But then I read Glennon Doyle Melton’s blog post “It’s Not You, It’s Them”, and I realize all is right with the world. I mean, you know it’s true! We used to be all put together with our hair and makeup done and stylish clothes to boot, and then we had children – little creatures that find great pleasure in making mom look and feel like a complete hot mess from sunrise to sunset!

So once baby boy is born, and I haven’t showered in 10 days, can’t find my toothbrush, and haven’t had a decent meal in weeks, I’ll just sweetly look at my children and think to myself, “I’m only a hot mess because of you three kiddos…” 😉 Or as Jamie the Very Worst Missionary eloquently puts it:

“…she isn’t doing a bad job, she’s just doing THE JOB and that she isn’t a bad Mom, she is just A MOM, and that the house wasn’t messy and the muffins weren’t burnt *while* the kids were little, the house was a mess and the muffins were burnt *BECAUSE* the kids were little – Like it’s TOTALLY THEIR FAULT so she can relax.” 

So for those of you who feeling grungy and gross and defeated and exhausted, may Glennon and Jamie’s words encourage you. You’re doing GREAT, Mom, and your kids are well loved. If they’re grumpy, it’s because it’s their fault, not yours! 😉 So keep up the exhausting but beautiful work. You truly are doing great. <3

(P.S. Clearly having Mercy at school all day now and Eden trapped in her crib for naptime [even with her screaming] is making me feel pretty good these days; like a supermom almost. But don’t worry… once baby arrives, all those good feelings will disappear and I will be looking to YOU for encouragement!:)


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