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Looking for and Celebrating Miracles


I had a powerful session with my life coach last week.

If you’ve ever wondered if life coaches really work, let me tell you, we do! I have a mind-blowing, life-altering coach that has helped me make and continue to make monumental shifts in my life. He’s helped me become the life coach I am today, and I cannot recommend him enough. Check him out if you’re interested.

At the beginning of each of my life coaching sessions, Stephen and I start off with celebrating miracles that have happened in the previous week in my life. This has become a meaningful ritual to me as it reminds me to keep my eyes open to all the good and beautiful things happening in my life every day. It also reminds me that ‘the impossible’ really is possible. When you expect and look for miracles, they immediately enter the realm of possibility, and THAT is something to be excited about.

In our session last week, we talked about the miracles that took place at my launch party. There were so many, too many to list, but here are a few I shared with him:

  • People SHOWED UP
    • If no one had showed up, no party would have happened. 😉
  • Everything fell into place so beautifully 
    • When I sent out the first few invites the first of January, a good six weeks before my party, I had no idea what I was doing. I called Stephen and told him I felt panicked and unprepared and a little embarrassed about what I just signed up to do (who throws themselves a launch party??); he graciously reminded me that I had six whole weeks to figure everything out, and that those six weeks would be more than enough time. At the time he said that, I wasn’t sure I could believe him, but sure enough, he was right. Everything fell into place just beautifully over the next six weeks.
  • I found and experienced the love I always seem to be looking for
    • This one really caught me off guard. I wrote about this a little bit in my last blog post, but it’s worth expounding upon. We can spend our whole lives going from one person to the next asking, “Do you love me??” And we will be on this endless search until the day we realize LOVE HAS BEEN OURS all along. When we realize love isn’t OUT THERE, but IN HERE, within us, we will finally have found the home we’ve been searching for.

So as Stephen and I talked this through, he said, “I love how you lived into the truth that sometimes it’s not about finding your tribe but creating it.” And I thought, “Yes!!! Exactly!!!” Instead of waiting for a tribe to find and claim me, I ended up creating a tribe of my own, and without even really trying to!

That was one miracle from the launch party that I will never forget:

  • By throwing this party and inviting beautiful souls to it and celebrating the good and the beautiful in life, I ended up finding my tribe… by creating it. And it was at the launch party that I realized the love I have been searching for has been mine all along.

Love is in me, it’s in you, and when we come together out of love for ourselves and one another, we experience the kind of love and ‘home’ we all have been searching for. Now that is a miracle worth noticing and celebrating!

So I want to pass Stephen’s assignment onto you: let’s look for miracles that are happening in our lives today.

It may take some time and recalibration to notice anything good and beautiful, much less miraculous, happening in our lives, but I promise you it is possible. After doing this ritual with Stephen for the past two and a half months, I can tell you I see more and more miracles with each passing week. It truly is mind-blowing.

And who isn’t yearning for a miracle or two in their lives right now? 

So will you join me this week? Let’s look for the miracles we’re needing, and let’s ask for them. Put it out there in the universe, and let’s see what comes back.

We are infinitely loved, and it’s my hope that as we start seeing miracles in our lives, we might believe the truth that we are radically, completely, beautifully, unconditionally, perfectly, and permanently loved.

Speak that truth, soak in that truth, and own it from the core of your being.

You are loved. And your life is a miracle. Celebrate that shit.

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[Featured photo: Bart LaRue on Unsplash]

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