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Our Brand New Bedroom!

**So I’m gathering the fact that Baby has determined to become an October baby. He wants nothing to do with mid-September, so he’s choosing a whole new month for himself! So while my 42 week belly and I wait for his arrival, I thought I’d finally post pictures of our newly remodeled bedroom (about time, I know!).

Back in July I wrote a blog post on the painful-yet-somewhat-hilarious experience of painting our entire bedroom white ALLBYMYSELF. Something I will never do again. Being 7 months pregnant and painting our walls (3 coats!), ceiling and trim was just not a good idea. My chiropractor became part massage therapist as she would try to work out my kinks and knots and screwed up body on a weekly basis. She’s seriously the only reason my body didn’t completely fall apart.

But the pain and sweat and swearing was worth it. I am so in love with our bedroom that it’s the one place in our house I can’t wait to get to during Eden’s nap and at the end of the day. It’s a safe haven from the rest of our disastrous house and I feel so at peace and yet energized from the simplicity of it all.

As the pictures reveal, we went with my favorite color: white. Well, it’s my other favorite color since I also tend to love pink (have you seen my weekly prenatal photos?:). I finally got the courage to not just have white walls but to have white EVERYTHING. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am almost giddy about finally gathering the nerve to minimalize our room and go all crazy white.

I remember reading a blog post by Bea Johnson back in 2011 on why they painted their walls white, and it totally resonated with me! It only took me 4 years to finally get around to it but I’m so glad we finally did. Here’s part of what she wrote:

“Ironically, the color of our walls save us a lot of energy: We intentionally chose white to brighten up our house (and in turn lower our electricity consumption). Although we live in the trees, we do not need lights on a rainy day or before night fall. Every bit of daylight gets used and reflected. On a hot day, the house stays cool. Not to mention that for me, a light house has always meant a happy house. The white walls represent a canvas colored by people and their personalities, shadows on the walls change with daylight and seasons, the windows and outdoor views become living artwork.”

And it’s true. One of the first things I noticed when lying in bed looking out our bedroom window freshly after it was painted was how bright and stunning our tree outside looked against our white window frame. I felt like I was looking at living artwork and it was breathtaking!


I was planning on going with a soft link pink accent color, but John, whom rarely has an opinion on anything decor-related, was like “No.” Like straight-up NO. I was so surprised (and a little disappointed TBH). Over the next few weeks I kept trying to think of another accent color I’d really like, and then found myself surprised at how much I loved not having any other color in our room (though I think sparkly diamondy look is my new favorite accent ‘color’, as my eyes keep getting drawn towards sparkly picture frames, sparkly pillows, with their main color being clear or white of course:). So at this point in time, we have no accent color and that may or may not change in the near future.

My last and most favorite part of our bedroom makeover was our closet! With the help of a friend, we were able to minimize and purge enough of our clothes to get rid of our brown dresser (yay!) and to fit everything inside our closet with ROOM TO BREATHE. And because we minimalized, we haven’t had ONE SINGLE PILE OF CLOTHES ON OUR FLOOR since July. I mean, that’s seriously a modern day miracle, folks! Before we redid our room, we always had piles of clothes (clean and dirty) on our bedroom floor, our closet would be overflowing and our dresser completely disheveled. But not anymore! Those days are history (hopefully… I still get nervous that we’re still in the honeymoon phase and this won’t actually last:).

But here we are – almost 3 months later and this is what John’s side of our closet looks like:


I love, love, love this. No more piles on the floor. There are actually hangars to spare (who knew that was possible!) and a cute white basket to contain all the little things (socks and underwear). Okay, now for my side of the closet:


Ahh. *Takes a deep cleansing breath*. Every time I open my closet door I can’t help but smile. That’s how big of a dork I am. And mainly because I’ve never had a closet look like this! We have a small closet by most standards and yet we’re able to fit everything we need with a little room to spare.

IMG_5873So there you have it, folks. Our newest and latest remodel. 🙂

(I’ll have to do a follow-up post once baby’s born, because I swear it’s going to become trashed with diapers and wipes and food wrappers and blankies once he’s here. And who knows if we’ll ever be able to get it back to where it is now:).

**This was written on Sept 29 with the plan to publish it the next day, only for Judah to decide to arrive the next day and there went all my plans in regards to this blog post! Thus why it’s now being published nearly two weeks later. 🙂


  1. Dad on October 22, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    I like the simply white room. No distractions. Great job in reducing your closet contents. I need to see if i can do the same thing.

    • on October 24, 2015 at 8:43 pm

      thank you! felt so good to finally simplify and whiten everything 🙂

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