There’s something magical in the air.
And there’s magic inside of you.

You can feel it.

While others focus on the fear of the pandemic, you view it as an opportunity, as a launching pad to take you exactly where you know you’re meant to go.

There’s a knowing stirring within you, an inkling inside of you, a nudge that’s guiding you... saying, “This way, my love.”

And you’ve reached a point where you trust your knowing, you trust those nudges, and instead of fighting them, you surrender to them.

And while the flow is leading you into the unknown, you know that is exactly where the magic happens.

- You’re ready to expand your reach

You’re not here to play small. You are here to serve the masses, to be a leader with a global reach, a northern star that helps guide people home. And you’re ready to reach more people - because people need who you are and what you have to offer!

- You’re ready to play in the big leagues

You’re not here to blend in. You are a force to be reckoned with, a being so radiant, so divine, that all who cross your path and find your work are better off and wanting more. You’re ready to make the world your stage - and let yourself be massively loved and compensated in the process.

- You’re ready to live life on your terms

While you already live so much of life on your terms, you know there’s room to grow into that even more. Parts of you where you can speak up more, ask for more, demand more - not because you’re bossy but because you’re a Boss. You know what you want, you feel worthy of it, and you know you can have it. You’re ready to take your life to the next level by stepping into your power even more and letting the world support you in ways you can only begin to fathom at this point.

- You’re ready for more

You know there’s room for more happiness, more peace, more joy, hotter sex, deeper conversations, more enjoyment, more connection, and more fun in your already amazing life. You want to live with wild abandon, knowing your highest and best self is leading you, guiding you, and protecting you every step of the way. You know once you drop the resistance, more of everything you want will come flooding into your life - and you’re ready for that.


Hi, I’m Nikole.

I have intentionally built my life in such a way that I am able to be the fullest expression of me, be massively loved, and make money all at the same time.

I have no boss because I am the boss - the boss of my life, my energy, my emotions, my decisions, my destiny. And I always make decisions in favor of myself because I know when I win, everyone wins.

I allow more and more of everything I want into my life - and not let my upper limit stop me from getting what I want.

And I don’t just talk the talk. I have numbers, integrity, reviews, and testimonials that speak for me and the work I do (see my “raves and reviews” album on fb for just that).

- I have followers from 118 countries, been published in 3 countries, have course students and clients from 5 countries, and gain over a thousand new social media followers every month with no paid promotions. My reach expands every month because that is what I want and what I am an energetic match for.

- I do not play small. I do not hold back. I do not try to blend in. I own the fullness of who I am and let the world adjust. I have left circles that could not handle me and created a community of my own that deeply, fiercely believes in and loves me. They cheer me on and support me in my ever-evolving, ever-expanding ways.

- I decide the rules for my life. I trust the rhythm I feel within me and I build my life around that. I’ve set up my life in such a way that I can travel, sleep in, and go on vacations all while serving my people, making money, and slaying at what I do (I watched myself make money before I even got out of bed this morning; I structured my life this way intentionally).

- I max the shit out of my days and life. When my heart desires something, I say yes. When I feel a nudge to travel, I go. When I desire more pleasure, I let myself receive it. I let it all in. And I have mastered the art of multiplication - where everything I want and desire keeps multiplying in my life. As good as my life looks on social media, it is even better in person.


Introducing: Creating, Maintaining, and Multiplying the Life of Your Dreams - a private mentorship with yours truly.

With this, you’ll get:

- Direct access to me

This entails unlimited voice and text messaging support giving you access to my insight, energy, strategy, power, and way of being. The fastest way to change your life? Get yourself into the energy and presence of someone who gets you and who embodies what you want more of in your life.

You will have this direct, unlimited access and support for 7 days from the day you sign up.

(Up until now, the only way to have direct, unlimited support from me is by becoming a $15,000-$25,000 paying client).

- Two phone calls with me (up to an hour long each)

We will kick off this private mentorship with a one hour phone call to do a deep dive into your life, set intentions, clear out the bullshit, and make room for the miracles and multiplication you are calling into your life.

At the end of the 7 days of voice and text messaging support, we will do another phone call to further integrate what you felt, experienced, learned, and called in and lock in your upleveling.

(While you have an hour for each of your calls, my clients often get what they need in less than that; but I reserve a whole hour for you each time just in case because I want to make sure you get what you came here to receive).

- A course of your choice

To support you in your expansion and aid you in your journey, you get to choose one of the following courses as a bonus:

- How to Unfuck Yourself - a 4 module course on getting out of your own way, forgiving those who’ve hurt you, and setting yourself up for massive happiness, peace, and success

- The Worthiness Workshop - a 5 module course on replacing feelings of unworthiness with a deep and transformative understanding of how worthy you are and why you are worthy of it all.

- Founded and Grounded AF - a 4 module course rooted in universal law that gives you the solid foundation that allows you to quantum leap, remain grounded when things don’t go as planned, and build the life of your dreams from the inside out.

- Sexy and Free - a 7 module course designed to help you feel sexy in your body, safe in your self-expression, and total freedom to be who you came here to be. And how to make money while you’re at it (because I believe you get to be paid for anything and everything you do - including expressing yourself).

(Each of these courses are several hundred dollars each; the course of your choice comes free with the private mentorship)

This deep dive intensive/private mentorship will give you the transformation you’re looking for because you always get what you need when you work with me.

Cost: $2,000.

You have work the world needs, a message for the masses, and it’s time for the world to know you by name.

You’re not here to be a one-hit wonder. You are here to make a lasting difference, create a legacy that remains, and change the world with an impact forever etched into the soul of this planet.

If you resonate with this and you’ve been looking for your portal to next level you, here it is.

I love you.
I see you.
I got you.

Sign up below.
Space is limited to 10 beautiful souls for this month only.

Let’s go.

Nikole Mitchell

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