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Welcome!! I am so glad you're here!

This is for those of who you are READY to have the kind of support and structure you need to RISE into the leader and badass you were born to be!

You will be part of a private facebook group, appropriately titled "Rise and Shine, Bitches!", where each month you'll receive the following:

  • The setting of intentions the first week (this is powerful and puts YOU at the level of cause in your life!)
  • A live call from Nikole Mitchell (yesss!) the second week
  • A meditation track that Nikole personally uses and LOVES the third week
  • An invitation to celebrate and integrate all that happened during the month on the fourth week
  • And unlimited peer-to-peer support!

This is an opportunity for you to have access to high vibe coaching, content, and support as you step into your power and unleash all that is meant for you.

This is an ongoing membership, for which you can pay in full (for a year long membership) or pay monthly!

Click below which works best for you!

6 month commitment required. After the initial 6 months, please give me a 10 day notice before your payment is due if you decide to cancel.