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TGIF! or is it?

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Friday is always a glorious day. It means the long week is finally coming to a close. It means John is going to be home to help out with the kiddos and the house. And it means I can actually try to get some last minute chores done around the house to make it look like I’ve been picking up all week because, you know, appearance is what I value most. 😉

Today Mercy had no school due to Parent Teacher Conferences, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I experienced no small amount of anxiety this week leading up to today. Have all three kids home at the same time while under my solo care?? Nooo thank you. I’m still in denial that we have 3 real, live kids who need tending to full time. It’s just easier to think we have 2 and kind of stop counting there.

Thankfully, a friend unknowingly came to my rescue and offered to have Mercy over for the day today. Literally, an angel disguised as a friend/mom. I couldn’t have been more grateful! So, of course I said yes, and my mind began imagining all the work I was going to get done around the house and how much easier today was going to be with one less kid in the house.

And then the universe laughed at me.

Morning was a whirlwind of running a couple of errands and that meant afternoon naptime was rapidly approaching, which makes all stay at home parents almost giddy. Naptime = happy hour.

At 12:45 I went upstairs thinking putting Eden down (while holding Judah) would not be too difficult as I’ve done it before. But today, the kids conspired and decided to make Friday last as looong as possible for Mommy because, why not?

The next two and a half hours (read: TWO AND A HALF HOURS) was then spent TRYING to put the kids down for their naps (insert cute evil’ish laughs from the little ones).

While putting Eden down, Judah fell asleep in my arms. So I left Eden in her bed to put Judah to sleep on the couch downstairs so that I could then go about cleaning the house (it’s okay to laugh; I now laugh at that idea too).

Only to have Judah wake up as I’m putting him down.


So then I spend the next 15-20 minutes rocking, nursing, and patting him back to sleep only to hear Eden slamming her bedroom door and yelling all kind of toddler obscenities from the top of the stairs. I lay Judah down and head upstairs while hearing Eden’s feet running back to her room to act surprised at my arrival (riiight, Little One). I spend 15 minutes up there, finally get to her sleep, and weasel my way out of her room only to hear Judah screaming from down below.

So I happily quickly head back down the stairs to then spend the next 20 minutes trying to get Judah back to sleep.

At this point I realize my goal of cleaning up the main floor of our house is just a wee bit ambitious. I mean, look at it:



So I make a more realistic goal of putting our scotch tape back in its drawer before the end of the day. That’s right. My new lofty goal for an entire afternoon consisted of putting tape away. Baby steps, right??


Don’t let the tape fool you; it’s mocking me as I sit here patting Judah’s back.

Judah finally falls asleep hard on my chest, and I transfer him to the couch as though my life depended upon it. Aaand cue action: Judah wakes up! You saw that coming, right? Because I certainly should have, and yet I still clung onto this tiny hope he’d finally give up and pass out for longer than a few minutes.

Nope. He’s having none of that.

Repeat rocking, nursing, patting, transferring scenario multiple times. Each time he sleeps for all of 1.3 minutes.

And so what did I get accomplished in all that spare time my children gave me??

Well, I got Eden to sleep. AND I managed to start our rice cooker.

And, believe it or not, the tape got put back in its drawer.

As for the rest of the house? Well, that’s my gift to John. Welcome home, honey!

Until then, I think I’m going to treat myself to a little Gilmore Girls.

That, my friends, is what a day in the life of a stay at home parent looks like. And a successful day at that. How did your Friday go? 🙂


  1. drewl on December 2, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    Hey now!

    I hear I missed you by 5 min or so last night. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you in person for Judah. He’s a cutie for sure.

    I’m glad everyone is healthy and happy, and that you’re bonding well. I knew you would… you’re too full of love not too.

    I still need to get y’all dinner like I promised. I broke my old phone and lost your number, but you know how to get in touch. Tues, Sat, or Sun works best.

    Hope to hear from you, and again, Conga Rats on the kid!

    Love ya…


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