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I know what it’s like to soak in the energy, teachings, and wisdom of a mentor.

Where you can’t get enough of what they say, what they share, and how they share it.

Their stories, their insight, their depth, their intuition is like a lightning bolt straight to the heart.

You feel your heart race faster… you feel your energy growing stronger… you feel your roots digging deeper… as you feel yourself soaring even higher.

The more you listen, the more you’re set free.

The more you soak in, the deeper it all hits.

You feel powerful, capable, unstoppable.

It becomes your daily vitamin, an energetic infusion that jolts you awake to your power, to your mission, to your knowing.

You feel yourself elevating in real time as you feel the greatness within emerge and fill your entire being.

You unleashed. empowered. deep. and certain.

And it becomes the catalyst to all kinds of good pouring into your life.


A revitalization in every area of your life.

This is the power of walking alongside the one who speaks directly to your soul, fans you into flame, as you blaze your own trail.

This is my desire, intention, and mission for all of you who want it.

If you vibe with my energy, love my teachings, and want to soak in it this year, I have created a one-time offer just for you.

Introducing: The Bundle

There are 11 programs I plan on teaching LIVE this year. One of them is brand new. One of them will be taught live as a remastered program. Two of them were my most powerful mentorship containers from 2022. Seven of them are my most requested programs.

As I launch them, you have the opportunity to buy each program on its own.

But for those of you who know you’re already going to want to sign up for all them and would rather sign up right away, rather than wait for each individual launch, I have created a bundle where you get access to all 11 programs for 37% off the total price.

These programs on their own will be sold for a total of $5,440.

With this bundle, you get all 11 programs for only $3,333.

When you pay in full, you get instant access to 9 of the programs. You’ll get access to the new program and the remastered program as I teach them live.

When you do a payment plan, you will have access to a program each month as it corresponds to your payments.

This is an invitation to absorb and be set free, to incubate and to launch, to go deep and soar unbelievably high.

To have this year be the wildest and best year yet.

Not because it happened randomly but because you chose it… intentionally.

You invested in it.
You showed up for it.
You aligned with it.
You became it.

And oh the story you will tell at the end of 2023.

I cannot wait to see where you go, how high you soar, you deep you travel, and how free you become.

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This bundle includes:


- Monetize Your Shit - Will be remastered and taught live ($333)

- Become a Money Magnet ($777)

- Wealth Energetics Mentorship Recordings ($777)


- Become a Viral Sensation ($222)

- Becoming Famous - New! Will be taught this year ($777)

- Become an Instagram Model ($222)

- Grow Your Instagram Following ($222)


- Only Fans Training ($111)

- Only Fans Mentorship Recordings ($1111)

- Sexy and Free ($777)

- Worthiness Workshop ($111)


Total: $5,440

Discounted Bundle Price: $3,333

It’d be an honor to serve you, support you, and walk alongside you in this way.

Interested? Sign up below.☺️

See you on the inside.😍

P.S. If you've purchased one or more of the programs above, DM me about a credit.😘