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The Love and Light That You Are


I have come to believe that the core of every human is made of love and light.

I find so much joy in the moment when God fashions human beings, steps back, and says, “Wow, now that is good.”

Do you realize that about you?

That when God looks upon you, she sees how beautiful you are?
How good you are?
How loving you are?

We are often SO GOOD (TOO good) at noticing and making much of our flaws.
Like, unbelievably good.

We spend so much time and energy highlighting our imperfections, dodging any compliment someone might give us, saying “No big deal” when someone tries to thank us.


Like, a big freakin deal!

The fact that there is and only ever will be ONE YOU makes you a big deal.
The fact that you are breathing and your heart is beating makes you a big deal.
The fact that you keep showing up to life when life has punched you in the face more times than you can count makes you a big deal.
The fact that you pause when you see a puppy, a flower, or a child laughing makes you a big deal.

Yes, you’re tired.
Yes, you get cranky.
Yes, you snap at your loved ones.

But that doesn’t make you a bad person.
That makes you human.

When we operate from the premise that we are evil, wicked, and wayward, we end up hustling for our worth and end up hurting others in the process (for we were never meant to find our worth in another person).

When we operate from the premise of being whole, good, and loved, we show up to life grateful, peaceful, and free to enjoy ourselves and one another.

No shame. No fear.
Just love and light.

Because that is what you are.

God made you and declared that you are good.

That is the truest truth I could ever tell you.

So you can stop playing small.
You can stop living in fear.
You can stop hiding in shame.

And you can step out into the light.
You can open yourself up to love.
And you can rest knowing you are good.

The end.

No more hustling.
No more proving.
No more earning.

Just you being you, the love and light that you are.

That is the greatest gift you could give yourself and give to this world.

[Featured photo: Debby Hudson]

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