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You Are Worthy of Living Unapologetically

You Are Worthy of Living Unapologetically. That's it! You are worthy because you are you. Don't hide that from yourself or anyone else.

It was late Friday night, probably around midnight when John and I were going over the final details of Saturday’s workshop. I was rambling on in my passionate fervor that he’s ever so familiar with as I tried to convey the essence of my vision and passion for this workshop. In trying to capture the sacredness of this work in mere human words, I was hoping he was hearing what I was feeling.

We added a few touches here and there that felt SO good and SO expansive that when we looked back up at each other, we both had tears in our eyes.

And it took my breath away.

Because he got it.
He saw it.
He felt it.

He understood that this wasn’t an ordinary workshop but sacred work about to forever change someone’s life. Multiple people’s lives!

And this is why I love having John’s eyes and input on the work I do.

He has this lens of love though which we views everything, and his edits/ideas/suggestions come from the purest place. He matches the energy and vision of my workshops and only makes it better (which is why I always ask him to attend my workshops).

As I looked at my typed up words on my computer, I could feel the divine energy hovering over and within my words; my very energy somehow captured in these little black letters on a white background. Words I could not wait to speak at the workshop.


You Are Worthy of Living Unapologetically. That's it! You are worthy because you are you. Don't hide that from yourself or anyone else.

There were 10 people in the room.
4 new people. 4 returning attendees.
And John and me.

As I stood there looking at these beautiful souls, I felt so honored to be entrusted with their time and energy and openness to learning. This was no regular moment in time. This was a moment when space and time where collapsed, and we experienced a taste of the holy in the form of pure love, safety, and community.

People opened up their hearts.
Some people cried.
We all laughed.
We connected one-on-one, and we connected as a group.
We danced, we sang, and at the very end we shouted words from our souls.

It was an exhilarating experience.

If you ever want to know what it’s like to have a fully embodied human experience, where we connect with our souls and the highest form of power, and have permission to be YOU, then this is the place to be.

We do deep soul work, we remember the ancient truths within us, we give ourselves permission to dream, we step into our power, and we see how one person rising helps all of us to rise.

It’s fucking magical.


Everyone was gone, and John had just left with all the stuff packed up in our van and was headed home.

I sat back down in the studio where the workshop had just finished and I breathed in all the beauty and magic that had just unfolded.

I felt a wave of gratitude and joy and deep purpose wash over me.

Here I am, in this beautiful space, doing the work I am called to do, and yet knowing that this is just the beginning.

Oh how beautiful it is to be a creator and not just a consumer!

Where you experience the very dreams of your heart in real time.
It’s then you realize that this was meant for you, that this was possible all along!

And you vow to never again shrink or play small or ignore the impulses of your heart.

When you feel prompted to do something, you do it.
Because life was always meant to be lived from the heart, not just the head.


As I did one final walk through of the studio, I paused at the door and looked back at where all the magic had just happened.

And I thanked the good Lord/Universe/Source for giving me this gift and allowing me to use it in this way.

To bless. heal. connect. empower. enlighten. awaken. refresh. rejuvenate. and transform lives that are so deserving, so worthy, and so needed in this world.

And to the 10 people in the room who showed up, I want to thank you.

Thank you for being there.
Thank you for opening up.
Thank you for allowing me to serve you in this way.
Thank you for being brave with your story, your truth, your calling, and your work in this world.

You inspire me as much as I hope I inspire you.

You Are Worthy of Living Unapologetically. That's it! You are worthy because you are you. Don't hide that from yourself or anyone else.


And to everyone else?
This is what I hope you know to be true for you:

You are worthy of being blessed, healed, connected, and empowered.
You are worthy of all the good and beauty this world has to offer.
You are worthy of a life that brings you deep, abiding joy.
You are worthy of being you.

The magical, miraculous you.

Who you are is exactly what this world needs.
And what this world needs is for you to rise and shine in all your glory.

Here’s to you, here’s to me, here’s to all of us living unapologetically!

[Featured Photo: Simon Matzinger]

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