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Your Dream Is Possible


Wowwww…. my heart is SO FULL from this weekend!!!

Have you seen the comments on my Facebook wall from those who attended my workshop this weekend? OMG, they are on fire!!!

If you’ve ever wondered if there is beauty and love and light left in this world, let me assure you, THERE IS A TON OF IT.

Here’s the thing, you guys…

The world is full of darkness, and THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DO WHAT I DO.

I want to actively create a world where love and beauty is the norm.
Where diversity and unity is seen as normal and completely possible.
Where people build each other up and call out the highest and best in one another.
As Jordan Bach wrote, it is more powerful to promote what you love than to destroy what you hate.

And that’s exactly what happens at my workshops.

I’ve had people cry at both of my workshops, another person wanting to jump up and down on the couch because of pure JOY and EXCITEMENT for what was happening at the workshop, and people asking for another workshop and for longer workshops.

These life-altering moments, these powerful connections, the divinely-appointed networking that happens at my workshops would not have been possible had I not followed the promptings of my heart.

All of these beautiful and powerful and magical moments were on the OTHER SIDE of my decision to take a risk.

A risk in renting a venue for my workshops.
A risk in posting about my workshops.
A risk in selling tickets for my workshops.

If my ego could have had its way, I would have loved the IDEA of doing a workshop but would have shrugged it off, saying no way, too much risk, too much boldness, I’m gonna stay comfy right here.

But my heart told me otherwise.

That not only are these workshops meant FOR ME, but they are providing something that people NEED and WANT.


That’s the thing about your dreams.

What you think is just your silly idea is actually a divine installation of a gift you are meant to GIVE TO THE WORLD.

Your dream is meant for you, yes, but it’s also meant for those who are NEEDING YOUR DREAM.

This is why I teach that there is room for you to dream bigger.

With 7+ billion people in the world, there’s a good chance that you’re dreaming too small.


What is it that you dream about when you’re all alone?
What has your heart been prompting you to do for ages but you’ve been ignoring all this time?

If there was NO fear and NO self-consciousness and ANYTHING was possible, what is it that you would do?

No, really. Take a moment to answer those questions.

Because here’s the thing.

Your ego would like to convince you that fear is real, that others are constantly watching/judging you, and that your dream is NOT possible. But why listen to such a depressing and limiting voice?

What if you CHOSE to believe that anything is possible? That what your heart is telling you to do is actually meant for you? That fear only exists when you give it your power? That people aren’t judging you but are looking for someone to follow?

What if that became your guiding narrative?

At ALL TIMES you have a choice on what to believe.
And what you believe will end up creating the life you live.

So you can ascribe to limiting beliefs that keep you small, shrink your possibilities, and limit what you believe you can achieve.

Or you can ascribe to beliefs that feel open and expansive and thrilling and terrifying in a good way.

The choice is up to you.


After the two hours with the women at this workshop, I know what I’m choosing.

I’m choosing to go bigger and bolder.
I’m choosing to listen to the voice of Love and not fear.
I’m choosing to believe that all things are possible.

I’m choosing a life that I actually want to live.

Because that’s my prerogative. And that’s your prerogative, too.

So whatever it is that you are dreaming to do with your life, will you do it?

Will you join all of us from the #DreamersWorkshop in deciding to honor the truth of our dreams and going after them as if they are our birthright (because they are)?

Let me know in the comments below what your dream is and if you’re deciding to go for it.
Because if there is anything I can convey to you in this one post, it’s this: YOUR DREAM IS POSSIBLE.

How do I know that to be true?

Because we see dreams-in-action (ie: airplanes, Disney World, local businesses – all of these began as a dream, and they all exist!).

Plus, I know too many people who’ve pursued their dreams and SUCCEEDED to believe that dreams are only available to a select few.

They are available to us all.
What is possible for one is possible for all. And that includes you.

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[Featured Photo: Kyle Glenn]

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