For most of my life I have been a good Christian girl. I'm not sure I'm any of those things anymore. I prefer being kind and brave over being good; if I use the term Christian it's with the word 'recovering' in front of it; and I'm no longer a girl but a woman trying to find and use her voice in this world - and this is where I attempt to do just that.

As a biracial queer woman, I am continually seeking to integrate all the fragmented parts of my being. Fighting for and working towards my wholeness is an act of resistance as much as it's a work for the healing of myself and of this world. I believe the healing of myself and the healing of this world are intimately connected.

Through my writing and videos, I seek to put a voice to fears, struggles, and joys we are hesitant to talk about in hopes we might find the community and love we've been looking for. For most of my life I have been waiting for someone to step up and be my hero and the healer of this world. Now I realize we're the ones we've been waiting for! We can step up and be the heroes we've been needing and in so doing help blaze a path for love and justice for not only ourselves but for future generations as well.

So join me on this journey of taking back our power, reclaiming our truths, and carving out a life we've always dreamt of living because we are worth it! And so is this world.

Love to you all.

P.S. I reside in St. Paul, Minnesota with my amazing partner, three kids, and our cat. I should probably include those details in my about page. 😉