Founded and Grounded AF

Are you tired of waiting for your circumstances to change in order to feel good?

Do you feel like you're at the mercy of life and wish you had more say in how things go for you?

Do you wish you knew how to feel good and become an energetic match for the things you want and manifest them long before your circumstances say it's possible?

Then you're in the right place.

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Hi. I'm Nikole Mitchell.

I remember almost viscerally what it was like to live at the effects of life.

At best, I thought the world was neutral; at worst, I thought the world actively conspired against me.

I don't believe in that AT ALL anymore, as you likely know, but more on that in a minute.

I learned that for my life to transform, I had to have a solid foundation on which to stand. A foundation that could stand the test of time, that was based on universal truths, that would allow me to not only stand firm in my truth but also enable me to create the life of my dreams.

If you have a shaky foundation, you will get shaky results.
When you have a solid foundation, you get solid results.

So I took myself through the process of deconstructing everything I had been taught to believe about God, the world, love, abundance, worthiness, success - literally all the things - and created a brand new foundation from scratch.

It's one of the best things I've ever done.

It's what allowed me to quantum leap my life to a level I used to fantasize about!

It's what allowed me to create a shit ton of money doing what I love!

It's what allowed me to call in the success, fame, and press I've always wanted!

In addition to that, it's given me unshakeable peace, purpose, power, and the permission to have, be, and do what I want - and THAT is priceless.

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When clients and course students work with me, (and even people who slide into my DMs), they often ask me HOW am I able to have such unshakable confidence, certainty, and joy on a daily basis? How am I so solid every damn day?

They see me show up.
They watch my daily IG stories.
They bear witness to my rising.

And they see the very real joy and peace and confidence that flows through me all day, every day, and the incredible opportunities, abundance, and upleveling that happens as a result!

They want to know how they can have that themselves!

They want to know what my tricks are, what my rituals are, what my daily affirmations are.

And here's the thing.

While, yes, I do have daily rituals and a rhythm to my life, and, yes, I do have daily affirmations (they literally go off on my phone every hour during the day), my inner peace, joy, and confidence is deeper than that.

It all stems from the foundation I have.

I am founded and grounded AF.

Because of my solid foundation, it doesn't matter what comes my way - I can handle it with total peace and certainty and grace.

I don't freak out.
I don't shut down.
I don't resort to manipulation and control.

I stay in the flow.
I keep my vision clear.
I tap into my inner peace.
I let my highest and best self guide me through it all.

And that's what allows me to manifest all kinds of things - opportunities, friendships, connections, money, and more!

It's what's allowed me to go from completely depending on circumstances to tell me what I'm capable of, what I'm worthy of, and how I should feel each day... to EMBODYING what I'm worthy of, what I'm capable of, and DECIDING how I want to feel before my physical circumstances gave me reason to do so.

This is how reality is created!

Our inner reality creates our external reality!

When I am at peace, my reality reflects back to me my peace.
When I am certain, my reality reflects back to me my certainty.
When I'm tapped in, tuned in, and turned on (as Abraham Hicks would say), everything I want flows to me.

This is how my life coaching business took off.
This is how my modeling career took off.
This is how my income blew up (from $10k months to $100k months).
This is how I went viral!

This is the power of having a rock solid foundation that is rooted and grounded in universal truth.

This is why, when people work with me, they often go from confused and chaotic, scared and overwhelmed (ie: operating from the level of effects in their lives) to peace, certainty, confidence, boldness, and living in the flow (ie: operating from the level of cause in their lives).

What once took them months to work through, they can now do in a day, sometimes within an hour.

Because they have a rock solid foundation that grounds them and carries them through it all, no matter what.

And that's what's available to you, too!

Founded and Grounded AF is a 4 module course that is all about building a rock solid foundation that will help you create the reality of your dreams from the inside out.

It doesn't matter what your background is.
It doesn't matter what your ego says.
It doesn't matter what your past results have been.

You can have what you want - and you can have it much sooner than you think.

Having this foundation is the KEY to all of that.

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Here's what the 4 week program entails(!).

Week 1: The Universe actively conspires for you

This is everything. If you believe you live in a world where it's neutral at best, or malicious at worst, you will create a reality that reflects that truth back to you. That's how powerful you are! What you believe, you will see. This is why we cannot rely on external information only for creating a foundation. We have to turn internally, to the eternal realm, to learn and lock in the actual truth, and that is this: The Universe has your back. The Universe is ALWAYS conspiring for you. The Universe wants you to flourish in all that you do. The Universe is always guiding you into your destiny. But if you don't actually believe that, you will not experience that. So we have to address, heal, and clear out old beliefs that have taught you otherwise. Once you do that, you will have opened the door wide to the magic, miracles, and massive abundance the Universe has in store for you!

Week 2: You get to have it all

Not just some. Not even most. You really do get to have it all. So much of our human existence focuses on surviving. But you weren't born just to survive. You were born to thrive! You were born for greatness, pleasure, joy, abundance, purpose, power, passion, overflow, surplus! But we have to take the time to literally rewire the way our brain thinks. Our brain focuses on survival and what you focus on, you create more of, and we don't need to create more experiences of survival! We want to uplevel that shit. And we do that by increasing our capacity for pleasure, abundance, more than enough, overflow, and as a result, we start experiencing more of those things! We will rewire how our brain views our human existence, we'll get clear on what you're worthy of (hint: everything), and we'll get you to a place where you can know without a shadow of doubt that you truly do get to have it all.

Week 3: Abundance is your birthright

You weren't born for poverty. You weren't meant to live in struggle. You weren't born just to pay your bills and die. And yet too many people have been convinced that's their lot in life! I know with all the injustice that runs rampant in our systems, poverty and struggle is very real for so many people. And while we need to dismantle these systems and replace them with ones that are actually for EVERYONE, not just for the select few, I'm telling you: abundance is your birthright. You are a child of God, you are one with God, and all that God is, you are, too. And a huge part of coming home to that truth (and the transformation that accompanies it) is peeling back the layers that were placed on you over the years - stories that have told you you're not good enough, you don't come from the right family, you've fucked up one too many times, etc. But NONE of those hold ANY weight when it comes to the ultimate truth, and that truth is YOU ARE AN ABUNDANT BEING. And the more you tap into and shift into that identity, the more you will experience that truth in your day-to-day life. It's literally less about hustling and more about coming home to your truth and operating from there. This concept is what helped my income go from my first $99/mo to $10k months to $100k months. The same is available to you, too.

Week 4: You cannot miss what is for you

We are human and with that comes human experiences: moments of fear, panic, inadequacy, feelings of unworthiness, etc. It's okay to have those feelings! What we don't want to do, however, is STAY in those feelings or make decisions while feeling that way. We don't uproot in fear what we planted in faith. When you are living in alignment with who you are and have a rock solid foundation, you literally cannot miss what is meant for you. This means you can lean into your desires even more, you can trust your dreams even more, you can take action knowing that EVERYTHING is leading you to where you're meant to be. And it's only a matter of WHEN, not if, you reach your destiny. Knowing that you can't fuck it up takes off the pressure and panic and allows you to stay in the flow, trust yourself, trust your desires, trust the Universe, and start experiencing the kind of life you WANT to live, not a life you've settled for.

When all of these are woven into the very fabric of your being and is the foundation of everything you do, it is only a matter of time before you have I tall.

This foundation is the catalyst to receiving everything you want!


All of this is for the ridiculously low price of $333 when paid in full or $197/mo for 2 months. When you sign up, you have instant access to the first module, and then a new module will be dropped every other day. And, as always, you have lifetime access to the course!

I am so excited for you and for the life-changing foundation you are about to build! Here's to having it all!

Love you and celebrating you!

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  • Do I have lifetime access to this program?
    • Yes! Like with anything I create, once you buy it, you have access to it for a lifetime! Which means you can watch the recorded calls anytime you want AND get access to new and updated modules in the future for free.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    • Yes! There's a pay-in-full option ($333) and a 2 month payment plan ($197/mo).
  • What if I can't start right away?
    • That's okay! You have lifetime access to these videos so you can watch them whenever you get the chance (and watch them as many times as you want!). I truly believe the energy and power of each module is beautifully captured whether you watch it LIVE or on demand.
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    • I have learned that my heart always knows the answer, even if my mind is having a harder time wrapping around it. So I get still, place my hands on my heart, and say, "I'm listening." And if there's anything I have learned over the years, it's this: Your heart is always right. The time is always now (quote by Amanda Frances). You can trust your heart, you can trust your desires, you can trust your decisions. Always.
  • Will you be offering this again in the future?
    • Yes! I plan on releasing this course once a year and will raise the price each time I do. So if you're feeling led to take the course, I'd encourage you to take it now. Not only will it save you some money, you'll also give yourself a head start by building that foundation NOW and start getting the results you want NOW and not a year from now.

It's time for you to have the rock solid foundation you deserve. One that empowers you and equips you with the knowledge, tools, and divine guidance to get what you want.

Because getting what you want doesn't make you selfish. It makes you an empowered being who can use his/her/their overflow of joy, wealth, and passion to help heal the world. And THAT is worth it. YOU are worth it.

Let's do this.

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