*Formerly known as Quantum Leap This Quarantine, this program has been renamed and rebranded as
Overcoming Obstacles and Defying the Odds

We find ourselves in challenging, unprecedented times in our lives where the odds seem against us - the unexpected happens, obstacles appear, everyone and everything says we're not going to make it.

And it’s a lot!

People look for a space where they can bring their WHOLE selves.

Their fears...
Their anxiousness...
Their uncertainty…

As well as their dreams and desires...
Goals and aspirations.

And get the support they need, the boost they need, the tools they need to take their life, income, and business to the next level. (Yesss!)

People look for a catalyst to propel them forward.

Welcome to Overcoming Obstacles and Defying The Odds - the catalyst you've been looking for.

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This container is designed to ensure that YOU get what you need and desire to make sure you emerge from this more empowered, equipped, and unstoppable than ever before.

The point isn’t to have false positivity, but a deep, grounded CERTAINTY that you know exactly how you're going to defy the odds.

To set new standards NOW.
To create a new way of being NOW.
To decide who you're going to be NOW.

When odds seem against us, we are actually being gifted with an incredible opportunity to bless and release what no longer serves us and step into the next version of ourselves.

A freer, truer, more empowered version of you and me.

That's what this container is all about.

This IS for you if you desire to:

  • Turn this obstacle into an opportunity of a lifetime
  • Step into next level you
  • Have the support that'll help unleash and unlock your power and potential
  • Enter an experience of thriving
  • Defy the odds and come out stronger, happier, and more empowered than ever

This is your invitation to put yourself in the kind of container that'll change your life.

To give yourself the permission to evaluate where you're at in life and to release anything and everything that doesn't serve you so that you can call in everything that does!

There is something so powerful about believing in yourself enough to say YES to support, YES to coaching, YES to community.

(And this program gives you just that!)

We are not here to survive.
We are here to RISE and THRIVE in every way.

This is why we are Overcoming Obstacles and Defying The Odds - we are going to collapse time and space, quantum leap, and have miracles happen so that when we emerge on the other side, we are further along than we thought possible!

This is the power of quantum leaping.

We don't have to crawl our way forward. We don't even have to walk our way forward.

We can take the elevator straight to the top!
We can fucking soar!!

If that's what you're looking for, then this container is for you.

There's never been an easier yes.

Let this time be YOUR time.
Let this be YOUR catapult.
Let this be YOUR new beginning.

You ready for it?

Then sign up below and let's go!