This is your invitation to start 2019 by TAKING CARE OF YOU and becoming the FULLEST EXPRESSION OF WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE by taking your power back, healing wounds within you, and RISING UP as the glorious badass you are.


How do you do that exactly?


By owning your story.


Owning your story is about forgiving those who've hurt you, forgiving yourself for choices you've made in the past, taking control of your life and choosing a life that honors the greatness within you.


It's about living your best life NOW.

When you own your story:
- you stop blaming others
- you stop shaming yourself
- and you start looking for ways to USE your story for YOUR GOOD.



No longer do you blame your life or circumstances for why you can't have what you want.


Instead, you see your life as the perfect STARTING POINT to a damn good story.


And when you own your story, you're finally able to heal your soul.


And you know what healed people do? They heal others.
Your healing is the impetus to the world's healing!


And you know this is true because this is the Law of Cause and Effect at work!


What you do at the level of cause, you'll see the fruit of the effects in the world around you.


YOU are the healing that's needed in the world.
YOU are the answer the world's been waiting for.
YOU are the one you've been waiting for.


You'll see how much becomes possible when you stop waiting for the perfect leader / answer / savior / solution, and you become YOUR OWN ANSWER.


You have all the wisdom, healing, and answers right within you.


Loving yourself, loving your story, and loving your life is KEY to your healing, wholeness, and success.


To help you love all parts of yourself and your story, the "Own Your Story, Heal Your Soul" Workshop will provide you with:


Powerful content that will reframe your view of yourself and your story and bring pieces together and give you a clear picture
Meditation and breathing that will ground, center, and open you up to the miracles and possibilities surrounding you
Inspired coaching that will open your eyes, light that spark within you, raise your frequency, and get you to the next level
Music and movement by my favorite Oula instructor / spiritual director who will incorporate movement and music to help you love your body and heal your soul


There will be a presentation by yours truly, break out sessions, activities, journal prompts, music, and more.


It's going to be SO GOOD.


If you're ready to heal your life and actively create the life you KNOW you're meant to live, then this workshop is for you.


3 hours.
2 kickass instructors.
1 afternoon of transformation.
For only $222.


Get in.
Sign up.
Show up.
And rise the fuck up.


We need you in this world.
And we need you at your highest and best.
Saturday, January 19.
St. Paul.
(details emailed to you upon signing up)