Sexy & Free

It's time.

It's time for you to feel sexy and free.
It's time to stop worrying about what people think of you.
It's time to let your energy speak for you and let it open all the doors for you.

It's time for you to feel sexy in your body, safe in your self-expression, and total freedom to be who you came here to be.

That's what Sexy and Free is all about: embodiment, empowerment, and the freedom of self-expression - where you get to be YOU in all your glory and be massively rewarded in return.

The most life-giving thing you can do is feel good in your skin, safe in your self-expression, and let the world take notice of your radiant beauty.

In a world that is quick to squash your intuition, voice, and agency, it is an act of revolution to love yourself, express yourself, and trust yourself above all else.

That's what I want to help you with.


"After each of our calls, I feel so much freedom. I could flip the world upside down!"

"Sooo good. So encouraging and inspiring! Love you woman! 😍"


Hi. I'm Nikole Mitchell.

It wasn't that long ago that I used to live in absolute fear and anxiety over what people might think of me. I was so afraid of disappointing someone or offending someone, that I thought the most loving thing I could do was shrink myself.

I dimmed my light.
I swallowed my truth.
I pleased until I lost sight of who I was.

I was so afraid of being misunderstood and obsessed with what people thought of me that I ran every decision I made through the lens of my critics.

What would they think of me?
What will they say about me?

It got to the point where I lived with debilitating anxiety and depression because I was so afraid of f*cking it up or for having f*cked it up.

It was exhausting, and my health and happiness steadily declined as a result.

It wasn’t until I landed in the ER twice in one month that I realized something had to change.

And I knew that something was me.

I had to stop playing so damn small and be who I really came here to be, and that looked like:

  • Dressing up sexy.
  • Being fully expressed.
  • Saying what I actually wanted to say.
  • Wearing what I actually wanted to wear.
  • Doing what I actually wanted to do.

In short, I was done censoring myself.

It was time to shine, live unleashed, lead with love, and be fully-expressed.

It was time to prioritize ME.

Because how can I serve the world or grow my empire when I’m playing small and letting others call the shots for me?

How can I raise my children telling them to live and speak their truth if I wasn't do the same?

I decided it was time.

It was time to rise - and I could resist the urge no longer.

I committed myself to the uncovering of my truth, unleashing of who I really am, and letting myself be the smart, sexy, and successful badass I knew I was capable of being.

And look where it has brought me!

- I feel confident in my skin!

- I wear revealing clothes and am respected everywhere I go!

- I post sexy content and am taken seriously!

- I'm a model and a mother!

- I make adult content and I'm a life coach!

There is no separation in who I am and what I do; I experience this wholeness and oneness everywhere I go.

With that kind of integration, ANYTHING becomes possible.

It's what's resulted in:

- Going viral!

- Being published in 25 countries!

- Going from from 10,000 to over 200,000 followers on social media!

- From $10k months to $100k months!

- From a handful of clients to a waitlist of clients!

- From sparse media coverage to getting press every single week!

- From not sure who I could trust to working with the best, safest, and most respectful photographers and videographers

And more importantly:

- I work with dream clients. Clients who love me and WANT to work with me because of what I do.

- I've built the most incredible community of friends who love me for me and want more for me.

- I feel safe. This is huge. No longer do I live in fear of my physical safety, I also no longer live in fear of what others think of me - that is the freest anyone can feel!

- I make a shit ton of money being me and doing what I love. This is what I want for everyone.

This is what I want for you.

I want you to no longer hold back.

I want you to live life in the fullest.

I want you to feel sexy in your body, safe in your self-expression, and total permission to be whoever you want to be.

In short, I want you to live uncensored, untamed, and unleashed.

And be the happiest - and freest - you've ever been.

That's what calling you to from the other side of this program.


"Your words are breaking down walls!! So totally healing."


Sexy and Free is a 7 module course I'll be teaching LIVE and is designed to bring you home to yourself and help you radiate as the sexy and free badass you were born to be.

Here is what each module covers:

Module 1: Releasing double standards and feeling safe in your sexiness ($222 value)

Module 2: How to trust yourself and channel your sexy energy to create the results you want - plus how to become an Instagram model! ($222 value)

Module 3: Releasing shame, knowing your worth, and stoking the flames of desire - for yourself and for the world ($222 value)

Module 4: Living an untamed life ($222 value)

Module 5: Being irresistible, powerful, and unstoppable, and knowing the difference between soulful and surface desires ($222 value)

Module 6: Total freedom as a grown ass adult who does what they want ($222 value)

Module 7: Turning sexy and free into a way of life ($222 value)

Bonus Module: Breaking free and paving the way for yourself and others ($222 value)

We'll be recording these live in a private Facebook group! Plus you get access to the original recording of this program, which is over 12 hours of content that covers the basics to the depths of what it means to embody a sexy and free life!


Feeling sexy and free isn't frivolous.

It's you operating from your power.

It's taking ownership of the life and body you were given.

It's allowing yourself to feel as good as you want.

It's about harnessing your energy to up your frequency and manifest your desires.

It's about releasing limiting beliefs that don't serve you.

It's owning your title as royalty and ruling your kingdom accordingly.

It's trusting yourself that you truly know what's best for you and living a life based on YOUR terms and conditions, not someone else's.

It's what will set you free, make you feel so goddamn sexy, and make you a sh*t ton of money.


When you sign up, you get instant access to the first module, with each module being dripped every two days after that.

We will be adding a brand new module to this program and we'll be recording it LIVE(!) on Monday, April 4th at 11:00am PST. So mark it down now so you can be there! An email with details will be sent out upon signing up, so be sure to check your email!


It's time you love yourself more than you've dared.

It's time to unleash your magic on the world.

It's time to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and smile back at yourself.

It's time to live free of shame, judgment, or people-pleasing.

It's time to feel sexy in your skin.

It's time to attract all that you want by BEING all that you are.

Sexy and Free is your invitation to do just that.

This course is loaded with the concepts, teachings,  and practices that I implemented to help me become who I am today: fully expressed, fully empowered, and massively compensated.

You can have that too.

And right now you can get the course for 50% off!

Sign up below! I can't wait to have you!!!


"My soul is raging with inspiration! 🔥🔥"

"Best investment you'll ever make, in YOURSELF!"

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I am so excited for you.

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Life really gets to be that magical.❤️

I am SO excited to have you.🥰


  • What if I can't make it to the LIVE? Is it still worth signing up?
    • Absolutely! And yes, if you can't make it to the the group LIVE call, that's okay! It will be recorded and added to your course as a Bonus Module, so you won't miss out on any of it! And what's so great about group calls is that other people ask the very questions we didn't even know to ask, so you will get answers to all your questions and more, even if you can't attend live!
  • Is there a payment plan?
    • YES! I love payment plans. It's a beautiful way to get what you want and give yourself time to pay it off at a pace that feels good to you. There's a Pay-In-Full option as well as a payment plan.
  • What if I can't start right away?
    • That's okay! You have lifetime access to these videos so you can watch them whenever you get the chance (and watch them as many times as you want!). I truly believe the energy and power of each module is beautifully captured and readily available whenever you watch them.
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    • I have learned that my heart always knows the answer, even if my mind is having a harder time wrapping around it. So I get still, place my hands on my heart, and say, "I'm listening." And if there's anything I have learned over the years, it's this: Your heart is always right. The time is always now (quote by Amanda Frances). You can trust your heart, you can trust your desires, and you can trust your decisions. Always.
  • Will you be offering this again in the future?
    • Yes! But the price will be higher. So if you're tempted to take the course, I'd encourage you to take it now!

Here's to a life fully unleashed, fully embodied, and massively compensated!

You are worthy of it all!

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