The Worthiness Bundle

Nikole Mitchell

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I am PASSIONATE about people finding and owning their worthiness.
You can spend your life hustling for and trying to prove your worthiness, only to feel exhausted, frustrated, and like a fraud.
You can show up to your life KNOWING your worthiness and operating from a place of confidence, calling, and clarity and become UNSTOPPABLE in everything you do.
You no longer have to feel like worthiness is just out of your reach.
It is available to you here and now, and the Worthiness Bundle will show you how.
You can KNOW your worthiness so powerfully, so intimately, that it becomes your new rock-solid foundation that cannot be shaken.
It doesn't matter what people say about you...
It doesn't matter how many times you mess up...
It doesn't matter how you do or don't measure up.
Your worthiness is always available to you.
And when you know your worthiness, you show up GROUNDED and become UNSTOPPABLE.
After this workshop, you will no longer have to hustle.
You will no longer have anything to prove (and why spend time proving something that has been established from the beginning of time?!).
Instead, you will show up as the glorious badass that you are.
You will find deep soul HEALING.
You will show up CONFIDENTLY.
You will grasp that ANYTHING is possible.

The Key to Everything

Knowing your worth will not only become your new foundation in life but it will also launch you into the life of your dreams!
Because once you know your worthiness, you then get to discover just exactly WHAT YOU'RE WORTHY OF.
And trust me, what you're worthy of is SO beautiful, SO breathtaking, you will be tapping into one the most powerful tools in creating your DREAM LIFE.
This workshop will be deep, it will be inspiring, and it will be transformative.
If you're ready to nail down your worthiness once and for all and have a solid foundation to stand on for the rest of your life, then this workshop is for you!
If you're ready to get really clear on what exactly you're worthy of and start creating your dream life TODAY, then this bundle is for you.
If you're ready to invest in yourself and SHOW UP for yourself in a powerful way, then this bundle is for you.
If you're ready to end negative behavior patterns and establish new ones that honor the BADASS you are, then this bundle is for you.
This bundle is for those who KNOW they are meant for more, who are TIRED from all the hustling/seeking/proving, and who want to SHOW UP as the most powerful, confident, badassiest version of themselves.
Is that you?
If so, I would LOVE to have you join me for this 5 module bundle, which includes LIVE coaching support, energetic work, powerful tools, practical application, and resources to keep you going long after this bundle is over. Oh, it's going to be SO GOOD.
All of this takes place inside a private Facebook group where you have lifetime access to these modules and unlimited peer-to-peer support!
And when you sign up today, you will get an email from me featuring my current favorite song, one of my favorite quotes, and a link to a favorite meditation track. So you can get started on healing and transforming your life TODAY and not have to wait a moment longer!
So much goodness and such powerful content!
This is your invitation to heal, empower, and launch yourself into a whole new way of living and being.

Are you ready?

When: October 2020

Where: From the comfort of your home!

How much: $555

What did past students say?

Nikole is instantly charming and disarming. The Dreamer's Workshop reminded me that my dreams and wishes are filled with potential. With Nikole's insights I am armed with intent, focused on results and motivated to act.
I admit, I was skeptical. I found a roomful of people who were willing to support my wildest dreams. With Nikole's help I realized those dreams are a lot closer than I imagined.
Removing obstacles and stumbling blocks is Nikole's super power. 
P.S. Talk of starting my own business has bubbled up since meeting Nikole and attending her workshop - I wrote her and told her, "Thanks witch!" 😉

Nikole's workshop was exactly the courage builder I needed to be empowered to integrate and share my story! She combines storytelling, powerful quotes, motivational speaking, and guided discussion to get you to dig into your dreams. This is not for people who don't want to change their lives! I learned I can be content with my life and want to be the best person I can be. Even if you're not in a time of transition of you don't want to make big changes in your life, I definitely recommend her workshops because it helps you find what's meaningful to you. I left with so much content to review and be empowered by! We truly accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. She gets into her preaching mode and speaks from the heart! She is talented at finding and identifying the dignity and worth in each person and their strengths and the gift they bring to this world.


Holy shit - you are good at it! Your passion, insight, and holy words leave flowers wherever you go, and anyone who is lucky enough to be in your orbit is impacted by that whether they know it, accept it, or not.
Nikole is made of love, light and power, and she is able to help all of us in a community connect and realize our true potential. Thank you, Nikole.
Nikole always knows exactly what I need! Her workshops are like a shot in the arm that everyone needs. It's propelled me in ways I couldn't have imagined!
I have attended every one of Nikole's workshops, the first one on a whim, the others with a purpose!  I have had so much personal and professional growth through those workshops, and in getting to know Nikole. She has helped me see things in a new and enlightening way and I love how I feel and approach each day! I'm so happy I listened to a friend and took the leap.