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I have a dear friend whom I knew for years before I ever learned she was a secret poet.
We’ve laughed together, cried together, raised our kids together. We’ve had deep conversations, hard conversations, and life-giving discussions. And yet this poetic side of her was always kept in the dark.

I don’t remember what made her send me one of her poems that first time, but I am so grateful she did. Not only because her writings are awe-inspiring, but because I was grateful to learn another part of who my friend is.

There is something so powerful and so important about being known. To know my friend in all ways except for this poetry way, is still not fully knowing her. So I’m incredibly grateful to know yet another beautiful side to my friend. It’s been an invitation to a very intimate and deep part of her soul.

And you guys… her words… they are raw and real and so powerful.

Every time I read her work, I think – THIS. IS. SO. FREAKIN. BEAUTIFUL.

I’ve been telling her for over a year that the world needs her work. People need her words.

So while I dream for her work to be posted and published on a poetry site someday, I will post them here until I/we can find a website or publication to which we can submit her poems (know such a place? Please let me know!).

So today I’d like to introduce to you one of my friend’s poems titled Breathe. And on what better day than post-election day to remember to be still and breathe. Because soon we will get back to work and together we will rise.


Don’t run
You got this
This moment will pass
The sun will set and it will rise again
Remember what you know
Hold onto who you are
Know that in your unbecoming you become

Sit still
Feel it
Release it
Envision light bursting forth from within
Feel the grip of shame lessen

You are being transformed
Like roots reaching deep into the ground allowing the tree to stand tall

Embrace what others cannot see
Trust what is going on beneath the surface
Steady your breathing
Calm your beating heart
Step into the person you are becoming
Trust her
Breathe with her
Sit with her
She is where you will find your peace

– SP


Yes, breathe. For then we will rise.

[Image: Emil Athanasiou]

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