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The Gift of New Beginnings


It’s September!! We’re in a new month! We’re starting the ninth month of this calendar year!

And you know what that means right?

Okay, truth is, it doesn’t really mean all that much to be starting a new month.

Unless you decide to make it mean something.


Whenever it’s a new month (or the first day of the week or a new season, etc), I decide FROM THE GET GO what this month/week/season is going to mean for me.

Every month, I decide that it’s going to better than the last several months (not negating all the goodness from the previous months; rather, just expanding and building onto the goodness of it all).

I decide that beautiful, magical, miraculous things are going to happen.

I’m going to meet people that I need to meet.
I’m going to have conversations that are going to change lives.
I’m going to make connections that will spread my work even further.
I’m going to have more fun, more ease, more joy, more money, and more opportunities than the previous month.

While for some this may sound like I’m just setting myself up for unmet expectations and disappointment, it, in fact, is quite the opposite.

Knowing that I’m at the level of cause in my life, I’m actually harnessing all the God-given power I’ve been given to create the very life I want to live.

I no longer let life just happen to me.
I happen to life.

I show up first.
I set my intentions.
I use my co-creative abilities.
I give myself permission to dream.
And then I go after my dreams as though anything is possible.

This paradigm has changed everything for me.

Instead of playing passive, I wake up ELATED for a new day.
A new day means new possibilities, new opportunities, new beginnings; how could I not be thrilled for such a gift?!

Whatever shit went down yesterday, last week, or last year, I DON’T DRAG THAT SHIT WITH ME INTO MY PRESENT MOMENT, MUCH LESS MY FUTURE.

I forgive, heal, and let it go.

(What do you need to forgive, heal, and let go in your own life?)

Because as long as you think, “Here we go, another damn day” with all the gusto of someone who has to go to work with the stomach flu, then you aren’t going to be able to see the opportunities and miracles that are trying to get into your life.

As long as you think life sucks and everyone sucks in it, then your life is going to suck and so is everyone else.

What you believe to be true, what you expect out of life, YOU WILL GET.


I share this because I didn’t know this for the longest of time.
I thought life was hard and shitty and you just had to deal with it.

What a sad interpretation of this gift called Life!

Yes, hard and shitty things happen, but don’t let that define YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE.

You are too precious, your time is short, and you are too magical of a creature for that to be your only experience.


So here we are in a new month, and on the first day of September, I set some amazing intentions for the month, not knowing that I would wake up the next day to MIRACLES happening in my life (two of which were from my intention list!).

I cried (surprise;), danced, shouted, and literally stood there soaking in the joy of it all, knowing that this gets to be my life.

And I don’t believe these miracles are an accident.

know it is the effect of what I decided at the level of cause.


So as you enter this new month, I want to encourage you to set an intention for this month.

I want you to decide TODAY that this month is going to be the best month so far this year.
I want you to decide TODAY that this month is going to be even better than you thought it could be.

That this month is going to provide you with new opportunities, new connections, new ideas, new solutions, new breakthroughs.

And decide that they are all going to come with ease, grace, and flow.

“Of course I’m going to meet my ideal client!”
“Of course my podcast/blog post/video is going viral!”
“Of course people are asking to learn more about my project/passion!”


Because we live in a universe of infinite possibilities!

Stairs in a golden spiral by Ionut Necula


Remember, wherever you set the bar, the Universe will clear it. So set your bar higher this month! (This is why intentions matter – you’re setting the bar not just for yourself but for the Universe to SHOW UP in magical ways!).

And tell yourself, “OF COURSE big and beautiful and miraculous things are going to happen BECAUSE THAT IS MY BIRTHRIGHT.”

I could go on and on but you get it, right?

Use the beginning of this month as an opportunity to set beautiful intentions for your life. Capitalize on new beginnings.

Here’s to a month that’s going to bring us so much joy, so much support, and freedom, fun, and flow like never before! 


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Nikole Mitchell, a life coach, that wants you to know that you are unstoppable.

[Featured Photo: Emma Matthews]

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