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Calling All Dreamers


Before you were born, the Universe looked upon you, saw all that you were capable of, smiled with complete confidence, and placed within you all the desires and dreams you carry within you now.

Forming you out of star dust, the Universe placed upon you the calling to shine bright, knowing that you would light up the world in only the way you can and in the exact way the world needs.

You were then born into this world, ready to be the brightest star there ever was.


As a child, you dreamed a million dreams of all that you wanted to be in life. There was no limitation. Everything was possible. You didn’t care if you wanted to be a fire fighter one day and a rock star the next; it was all possible for you.

In a world where anything was possible and you were unstoppable, you dreamed all the dreams you could, EXCITED to grow up and do all the things an adult can do.

You intrinsically knew that the world was yours, that you were meant to shine bright, and you could be anything you wanted to be.

But at some point those dreams within you began to fade, the pressure to conform grew stronger, and you let others tell you who you should be.

Then one day you woke up, your chest tight with anxiety, your breathing strained, and you felt this panic wash over you.

Is this all there is to life? you wonder.
Is this my life from now on?
Is this all I’m capable of?

As much as your ego tries to convince you that yes, this is all there is and you’ll never amount to much, deep within you is still that instrinsic knowing that there HAS to be more to life.

That you weren’t placed on this earth to live a dull and barely satisfactory life.

You begin to recall this sense of magic within you, this truth that you have a deep and real purpose beyond your day job, beyond your routine, beyond what society expects of you, and beyond what you’re experiencing right now

You somehow know that your circumstances do not dictate what you are capable of.

That voice within you tells you that you are 100% right.

You ARE meant for more.
You ARE magical.
You ARE meant to shine.

And you begin recalling from the depths of your soul the dreams that were placed there by the Universe.

Dreams that may seem foolish to you now but were COMPLETELY POSSIBLE (and expected of you!) when you were a child.

So today is the day.

Today is the day to bring yourself back to the beginning of time, when you were entrusted with the dreams you carry within you, and decide that your life is too precious and your role in history too important to let your dreams die.

The dreams you carry within you are the answer to someone else’s prayers. 

That is no small thing.

Your dreams are not random, dumb or inconsequential.

They are specific, purposeful and powerful.

Lives will be changed because you decided to rise up.
Hearts will be softened because of the beauty your work will bring into this world.
And people will thank you for that.

The world is waiting for your rising.
The world is in need of your beauty.
The world will reflect back to you all the beauty and love you bring to it.

So rise up, will you?
Reclaim those dreams of your childhood and pursue them with the faith of a child.

Trust that those dreams were given to you for a purpose and that part of your life’s mission is to see those dreams to fruition.

Your dreams are too important to let them die.
You are too important to live a small life.

The beauty of your dreams just might save this world.


If you’re ready to take serious the dreams within you, to give them permission to enter the light, and to figure out how to pursue your dreams in the midst of life, pressure, and fear, then my #DreamersWorkshop on Saturday is for you.

Following the dreams of your heart is no fluffy thing.

It is the substance of life, the purpose of your time on Earth, and the opportunity to experience the ecstatic joy that was always meant for you.

This is your chance, and your invitation, to surround yourself with fellow dreamers, to remember the calling on your life, and to trust the little voice within you that it knows what the heck it’s asking you to do.

At the workshop:

– There will be an inspiring presentation by yours truly 😉 about the importance of your dream, how it benefits you and the world, and how to experience quantum leaps in all that you do

– You will learn energetic principles that will help you clear any fears/hesitations/doubt and help you anchor into the power and truth of who you are (a solid identity helps you have a solid dream/business/purpose!)

– You will have a safe space to bring your dreams, share your fears, ask your questions, and feel more empowered, inspired and equipped than you think possible (trust me on this one – everyone who works with me one-on-one or have attended one of my events in the past always say this!)
– You will also be creating a Vision Board! All supplies provided, food, drinks, inspiring music and more.
It’s Saturday, August 18, from 1-3pm, $35 and it’s going to be an epic and powerful afternoon. You can register at, and upon doing so, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the address of the event in St. Paul.
So join us, will you?
No more living in fear.
No more playing small.
But you rising up in all of your glory, living the life of your dreams, and giving others permission to do the same.
This is how you were always meant to live!
[Featured Photo: Brooke Lark]

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