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Your Dream Is Meant For You


I remember playing ‘school’ as a kid, and I always made sure I was the teacher.
There was something I enjoyed about standing at the front and telling my friends and their little siblings what to do. 😉 But I also think it was me tapping into my future calling (hello, public speaking!).

Your dreams and desires start off strong as a child.

You KNOW what you want – you want that ice cream from that ice cream truck, you want to go swimming at the beach, you want to buy that awesome cool toy at Target, you want to get your ears pierced, you want to do whatever your heart wants to do. It’s so simple as a child.

Then you grow up.
And instead of taking your childlike faith with you, you leave it behind.
You rationalize the shit out of life, sucking the joy right out of it by being over analytical, critical, and ‘realistic’ (anyone relate?).

Your dreams and desires that were SO strong and prominent within you as a child start to fade into the distance.
That heart thumping of a dream becomes barely a whisper that you sometimes can’t even hear.

But when your dreams and desires die, so does part of your heart and soul.
So does part of your purpose.


You were given those specific dreams and desires for a REASON, to help give you the most meaningful, impactful, fulfilled life that mutually benefits the world… and yet, you’ve let those very dreams fade into the back of your mind where you’ve nearly forgotten them.

And size doesn’t matter here.
It doesn’t matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ your dreams seem to be.
Size is irrelevant to the Universe; only humans make much about size.

All that matters is that you have a dream and knowing YOUR DREAM IS MEANT FOR YOU.

Today’s the day you say, “No more.”
No more forgetting, pushing away, and ignoring of your dream/s.

Today’s the day you realize the importance of your dreams and desires.
Today’s the day you TRUST that those dreams and desires were given to you for a purpose.
Today’s the day you start BELIEVING IN and GOING AFTER your dreams.

Bring that childlike faith back.
Bring those dreams to the front of your mind.
Bring that passion back into your heart.

And go do the damn thing.

This why I do what I do.
Through my coaching and workshops, I help people rediscover their dreams and desires, connect with their purpose on Earth, and give them the tools, clarity, and passion to go after the life they were always meant to live.

My people are ready for more.

My people want more.

And I help them see why their ‘more’ is actually a win for the entire effing world.

YOU are a win for this world.
You are a gift to this world.
You are a blessing, never a burden.

So rise up! Radiate the light with you. Be the badass you are.
And watch the Universe conspire for you and your dreams.

That’s the kind of world we live in – we are so freaking blessed.

YOU are blessed.

Believe it, claim it, embody it.

You are exactly what this world needs.

[Featured Photo: Johannes Plenio]

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